Lujuria I wasn’t meant to be a saint, as faith has failed me With my heart on this altar, for the world to fucking see I let the trail of lies fall down my face For the sake of days ahead, I’ll embrace the end to come I wasn’t meant to be loved, never knew what is was Words I want to hear just to know how it fucking feels I never seem to do things right, but it sure feels right Lay me to rest, for a night Just you and I Bring the rain, wash me away Hasta La Muerte by Xibalba. The New Jersey outfit cast a gothic pall over hard-hitting hardcore, leaving us with a deliciously murky set of pit-starters. They deliver lyrics about tough-guy fare—heartbreak, depression, being a Latino badass—in monotone barks. Seized by Savages An absolutely crushing record.

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Think I’ll just fall to pieces If I don’t find something else to do This sadness never ceases I’m still in love with you Darling, darling Is this the end? The New Jersey outfit cast a gothic pall over hard-hitting hardcore, leaving us with a deliciously murky set of pit-starters.

The xibala sounds thick, if a bit flat, and there is almost no melody to speak of.

Xibalba – Hasta La Muerte

Hasta La Muerta Taking the concept of heavy to a new, crushing level! Absolutely unhinged shit right here. At the end of the day, what I hear lx an excellent sum of a few rather simple parts.

Or browse results titled:. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Laid To Rest It’s not what they promised it would be Xibalba hasta la muerte dreams, teenage wonders It’s far from what we thought it would be Hypocritical ties and remorseful lies I can’t deny, death is xibalba hasta la muerte sight I stare at the sun til xibalba hasta la muerte eyes yasta fire and the sky goes black Save me from light, drown me in darkness Rise and rise again til we fall This isn’t the life they framed at all They failed us Sadness has burdened our soul Hate has taken its toll How much longer can I hold?


Hasta La Muerte 8. Zip Continue and Activate. Xibalba lives and dies by their drummer. Xibalba also dabble in that sound, although their take sacrifices subtlety for immediate impact. Please read the disclaimer. In that sense, Hasta La Muerte might represent the archetypal Southern Lord release, in that it captures both eras of the label on a single disc.

Cold The world is so cold and merciless I see it as a reminder of myself The cold lifeless fluid flowing through my body I see it in me Numbs my feeling leaves me with no remorse For what I have done to myself and to others Looking into bloodstained mirrors with no reflection Nothing to dwell on but the thought of causing more pain to others Just like this cold world Why am I this fucking cold?

Glow by Old Wounds. You will maintain your existing VIP profile. Integrity and Krieg Team Up. Sunday, May 29 What Assails You 5: Abandon All Life by Nails. Their album Hasta La Muerte sounds very much like a fictitious supergroup of death-and-doom xibalga trying to write a minimal hardcore album. Burn Let the xialba begin Bring the flame along with your soul on the stake Ignite this motherfucker, ignite it all around us Did you forget who I am, where I stand?

Hasta La Muerte | Xibalba

It’s just as xibalba hasta la muerte and no password to remember! When I listen to Xibalba, though, more contemporary acts spring to mind. Seized by Savages An absolutely crushing record. Now that it’s over There’s something I think you should know Think it over One more time before you go Call on me, call on me Anything I can do Help me see it through 9. It appears that you already have an account on this site associated with.


Love the vocal style and mix of English and Spanish lyrics on this album. Soledad This has been paved Cemented til the end of time Can’t undo what’s been done Foundation has been worn and torn Broken til the end of time All xibalba hasta la muerte years I lost Numb til the end of time This is our home This home has been broken Overran in darkness Ours to haunt us til the end Laying in anguish night after night Peace in the darkest of places Comfort in the loneliest of days I and I ’til the end of time Broken til the end of time All the years I lost Numb til the end of time This is our home I built this home from the ground up Broken and torn, this is my home I found peace in darkness, and comfort in solitude There’s no love or feeling in this broken home I and I until the end of time I and I til end time 3.

Please fill out the information below to help us provide you a better experience. Manifest Decimation by Power Trip.

This band is physically incapable of releasing a dud.

Hasta La Muerte by Xibalba. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. To connect your existing account just click on the account activation button below.