This is mostly a maintenance release to fix a serious bug in Reaver, a WiFi passphrase brute-force attack utility, the use of which resulted in segmentation fault in the previous release of Wifislax. Even though I logged in using the English language menu option, the options here are in Spanish. You may download installation ISO images of Wifislax 4. Additionally, frequently used Internet applications such as chat and email clients, BitTorrent, and news reader software are missing entirely. Download the live CD image from here: The release announcement is in Spanish only, but the live CD offers a choice of Spanish and English localisation for the two included desktops. All about cron jobs.

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Wifislax 4.6 review

The Wifislax installer fails to identify bootable partitions correctly when other Linux distributions already exist on the wiifislax disk. Aside from the desktop version of Wifislax 4. Screen shot of the partitions I created with GParted for the installation of Wifislax.

The distribution comes with Linux kernel 3.

Enlaces wifislax 4.12

Next, you must unmount all the active partitions wifislax 4.6 final the storage medium and delete them. The Finla desktop has been upgraded to version 4. If you need additional software, Wifislax — as a Slackware derivative — offers Gslapt, a Synaptic-style interface 4.6 a front end that lets you to use the distribution’s software repositories. For more information please see the full release announcement in Spanish only with useful links and screenshots.


Wifislax is a Slackware-based live CD containing a variety wifislax 4.6 final security and forensics tools.

An alternative to antibiotics – weakening superbugs’ grip. Count your Linux Box. Gslapt supports convenient installation of additional software. Modern WiFi installations provide comfort, but they often have serious security problems.

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Visit Our Shop Trial Subscription. Experts use these Linux distributions for hacking, digital forensics, and pentesting. It includes a patched version 3. Much more information is available in the Spanish-only release announcement. In this case, I first needed to obtain updated firmware for the WLAN chipset [3] and then store the files with a suffix of.

An overview of hard and soft links. When launched, the system comes up with an unusual GRUB screen: A new version of Wifislax has been released. There have been no changes on the desktop front where KDE remains at version 4. In English, you wifislax 4.6 final informed that:. Wifislax is Slackware-based live CD with an extensive collection of fonal for performing wireless connection analyses and related security tests, although it can equally serve as wifislax 4.6 final general-purpose desktop Widislax distribution with a choice of KDE or Xfce desktops.


Subscribe to RSS by Email. To do this, the routine relies on another external program. It ships with Linux kernel 3. Peppermint publishes ISO refresh. What different types of codecs are there?

Librem 5 dev wifisalx shipping. You may download installation ISO images of Wifislax 4. You now have the same software scope as in the Live version. If you accidentally delete data or format a disk, good advice can be expensive.

It is available for download here. The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3. Partitioning the existing hard disk at the command line with fdisk or cfdisk is not wifislax 4.6 final.