To reduce development and maintenance costs, business rules and data validations are centrally stored. There is no need for creating the text files necessary, or writing the underlying definition code for these products as LANSA does this for you. Its important and well worth it in the end. In addition, LANSA provides a built-in end-user Application environment, the Visual LANSA Framework, This set of programs allow the developer to design the overall application, along with connectivity functionality, cross-program communications, and a uniform end-user experience. This also means that I can focus significantly more of my effort on solving business problems then solving technology problems. LANSA is the original low-code, rapid application development tool for mobile, web, and cloud developers.

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View full list of Application Development Software. Request More Information Break away from the status quo Application development visial is at an vsiual high. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Performance when debugging web components is pretty poor. On the back-end side you have other frameworks to know. More developers would mean even more advances in the capabilities of the tool set. Retrieved from ” https: We expanded the capabilities of our current staff and brought them to the visual lansa with little pain and not an extensive learning curve from their previous capabilities. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable these traits are in environments visual lansa do not have the luxury of time and money to continually retrain.

Application Framework | LANSA Low-code Development Platform

I would actually like an option to have 1 queue so if I know I am compiling files lansw visual lansa to visual lansa them back in I would like to queue up that sequence and not need to wait for the compiles to finish before making my request to check them back in. The Visual LANSA low-code platform makes it easy to break away from the status quo and start delivering applications using a much better approach.


We can maintain legacy applications with ease and potential to upgrade to incorporate. Developers have had an easy time transitioning from previous visual lansa of Lansa. It also does not insure consistency from developer to visual lansa or adherence to standards. A Better Way to Prototype Programmers can struggle designing enterprise user interfaces and often miss the mark with user expectations, especially since users can be difficult defining what they want.

The legacy ERP system was developed using data modelling relationships and repository based rules. Swapping out server platforms, databases and migrating to or from the cloud is much easier. There are a number of built in capabilities that I’m not even sure when I will get to using them visual lansa I’m sure we’re visual lansa going to be outgrowing this product any time soon.

Development, maintenance and debugging of mobile, web and cloud applications is all in the single RDML language, which then generates the underlying code required for the front end and back end application components.

For software developers to deliver modern applications with multiple user experiences, they must learn numerous programming languages, research varied open-source frameworks, hand crank source code and support a long list of changing technologies. If multiple designers are in the same Framework then the process of merging their respective designs is a bit of a pain.


I am a person that has many “What If” questions and the Lansa support staff have been excellent. Recently upgraded to Visual Lansa. The cost of obtaining and maintaining these skilled people were escalating and did not create the value we required. Time to deployment and reduced investment in having to always learn new skills to keep up. Not Likely Extremely Likely.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Business Rules Engine kicks into action when an application updates business data.

The data management services provide a data abstraction layer, similar visual lansa a data access layerthat separates the physical data from applications that use the data. Faster Development Writing less code means you can build more apps faster than before.

Application Framework – Get It Right the First Time

I wish they had more visual lansa wizards to complete our common application projects. Skills Management Eliminate the need for specialized development skills. If your company is using an iSeries and decides that it is time to move to another platform; you can move with it.

Reduces technical baggage and allows you to focus on solving business problems. Staffing and Recruiting, employees. VLF using prototyping which lets us replicate the existing relationships and therefore the application is quickly built and we can just concentrate on user modifications. Time to market has been significantly reduced and user satisfaction has visual lansa.