LP asks if they went to the hospital. Sounds like the cops set fire to the car to hide the body. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Finally, we see Delmond and Albert in a bar. I have had it. Nelson decides to do something about it.

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Expecting help when they arrive, they instead get beatings. Sonny is frustrated in his relationship with his girlfriend. It takes a while to get people going, and Albert is being no help. A man was shot when he and his brother were at the mall looking for supplies. Is this one of the deaths Toni was investigating? This one looks good. LP does more research and finds out that the shooting treme 3×02 was Henry Glover.

Terry finally gets around to making a start on his house rebuild, moving on from living in a FEMA trailer. Store owner shot a looter, something like that.


Treme 3×02 “Saints” –

LP uncovers the story of a shooting at the strip mall. The people are pissed about how little programmes like NOAH are doing. More half-assing from the cops? He and his wife bring two students to The Hole to see treme 3×02 old-fashioned call-and-response band in action.

This week, her band 3xx02 called Anne T and the Bayou Cadillacs.

Calendário de Episódios – 30/09 a 05/10/2012

Sonny and his girlfriend go into New Orleans to listen to a jazz band. Nelson decides to do something about it.

At least someone does. Sounds treme 3×02 the cops set fire to the car to hide the body. In exchange for keeping treme 3×02 about her dealings, Mortensen evidently put Nelson in touch with the right people and he gets a NOAH contract for himself and Robinette. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Cops jump in his car, and drive it away.

Terry is called to a murder scene.

Treme 3×02 download – Download treme

Antoine is fostering a love for old jazz in his students. The New Orleans cops are still half-assing everything. Owns a bunch of chain restaurants. LP asks if they went to the hospital. Is he, perchance, becoming less sleazy and corrupt?


Your name on the door, your kitchen, your menu. Delmond Lambreaux has moved home. Instead of cheating the system, though, he says he fully intends for them to actually do the work. I sense a proposal on the horizon. Tre,e doctor tells him he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A man tells him about a shooting treme 3×02 a store up by General De Gaulle.

Not one more night. Albert Lambreaux has had a really bad cough.