They wanted to put me in a convent before she realised that it was not what God had in store for me. Sometimes in those dreams, I saw myself singing to people at stadiums. I like going to America for vacation. Tope Alabi , also known as Ore ti o common , and as Agbo Jesu born 27 October , [1] is a Nigerian gospel singer , [2] film music composer [3] and actress. Yes she did and that is because a prophet told her that I was going to be a minister of God. This article on a Nigerian musician is a stub. God works in ways that we cannot understand.

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She then proceeded to Alabbi PolythecnicIbadan where she studied Mass Communication and graduated in the year If you want to tell people that Christ is a good saviour, the first thing they would look at is your appearance.

Yes it happens like that and some come to me when I tope alabi alagbara on stage ministering as well. Retrieved from ” https: He ensures that it is at those times that he gives me some songs. That is why Tope alabi alagbara acted for some years, did some MC jobs before I finally settled for my calling, which is spreading the word of God through my music.


LyricsMowowa Aye Tope Alabi Thereafter, she proceeded to the Polytechnic Ibadan where she studied Mass Communication and graduated in the year She is the only female of the three children born to her parents. My parents used to tell me while I was growing up that men of God used to tell them that I would be a minister of God.

Tope alabi alagbara

Tope Alabialso known as Ore ti o commonand as Agbo Jesu born tope alabi alagbara October[1] is a Nigerian gospel singer[2] film music composer [3] and actress. My mother never sang professionally and she was not even tlpe member of the choir. Tope,alabi,song lyrics Get lyrics of Tope,alabi,song song you love.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Also, looking good is good business. List contains Tope,alabi,song song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. We need parents to take care of these children because temptations come in different forms.

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I would just sit at a corner and people tope alabi alagbara come to greet me. Yes I do, for instance about three days ago, I was still in the market. Tope Alabi – Toh Marvelous Lyrics LyricsOluwa Otobi Tope Alabi. Maa yin O, Olorun t’O dara, This article on a Nigerian musician is a stub. Health Benefits of Lemon 7. Top song lyrics at Lyrics. God works in ways that we cannot understand.


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Health Benefits of Garlic 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The problem I have with my leisure moment is that whenever the Holy Spirit knows that I am relaxing, he comes to tell me some things.

Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world, Volumes There is a difference between what you like and what God wants you to do. She was involved in various film productions, stage drama and most importantly the soundtrack production with tope alabi alagbara she is now well known and considered as an authority in the Nigeria Yoruba Movie industry today. She started composing songs when she was in JSS1. She later worked with other popular travelling and stage theater groups in both Ibadan and Lagos.

From there, I got to know that God is a fashionable God.