He uncovers a brooding evil bad bad stuff and is confronted by a raw police recruit named Constable Feenie Upshot, who takes orders from the local magistrates. The lack of chapters also contributed to this. In other words, it is a more serious Discworld novel with the message heavily at the forefront. He is then met on the road by Willikins—who had followed the coach—and killed. I know this may sound silly, but I simple cannot stop reading in the middle of a length of story. Vimes is too powerful, too famous, and just too glorious.

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I thought so when I read Unseen Academicals so to see him snuff discworld this ground again is a little disappointing. I can’t argue with that.

Oct 14, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t pretend this book was perfect, though. And by god, I hope any idiot prattering yet again about “I can tell he’s sick” gets snuff discworld visit from Wilikins and his comb.

But then he continued in a more thoughtful vein: By the next morning the blacksmith is missing, the hillside where Vimes agreed discwotld meet him at midnight is covered in blood, and Vimes finds himself under suspicion of murder. Vimes finds out that the son of Lord Rust has been enslaving goblins to force them to work on his tobacco plantations in Howondaland, allowing him to manufacture cigars cheaply disccworld are then smuggled to Ankh-Morpork.


The protagonist is very riscworld I understand that the main crux of the character is the reason I found him frustrating. It didn’t own its own shit, not nearly enough. Willikins was always Jeeves-as-assassin; he’s far too chatty and convivial here, and I think there’s the same issue with Vetinari. It smelled like metal. Rob Wilkins Terry’s stenographer read an extract from the current text at the Discworld Convention: Also, there are some spin-off books on city modernization featuring con-man turned hero, Moist Discwold Lipvig, and a few discworlv from the City Watch.

In a series of scenes taking place back at the Ankh-Morpork City Watch as well as in the country-side, Vimes discovers that goblins are being snuff discworld in slave labour on tobacco plantations in Howondaland.

One of the things I like about the Discworld books is that snuff discworld villains are people too. The villains are also mostly off screen, which is somewhat dissatisfying.

I’m not claiming that he does. Dec 24, Sam Quixote rated it it was ok. I found it hard snuff discworld to read without thinking constantly about Pratchett’s illness and wondering discworod much it was effecting his writing. Indeed, he peruses it with relentless enthusiasm that drives his wife mad. Dsicworld 1 2 Dec 10, He has no mountain to climb. Pessimal more readily available to mainstream readers.


Is Pratchett’s signature sideways humor almost snuff discworld missing from this book, or am Discwogld so used to it, it doesn’t strike me sideways anymore? It’s true that the pacing is a little slow in the beginning and towards the end. The last book Unseen Academicals was not one of the strongest, but still pretty good.


There’s plenty of action in the country, to Sam’s surprise.

Snuff (Pratchett novel) – Wikipedia

But a nice long break could be good — Sam might finally learn the difference between a robin and a warbler. It says snuff discworld lot about how fully-realised and compelling a character he is that the best parts of Snuff are simply Vimes riffing on whatever.

Goblins are the newest race of creature snuff discworld be introduced to the Disc and provide a few new dixcworld characters who I’m sure we’ll be meeting again soon. Preceded in the series overall by Unseen Academicalsand in the Watch series by Thud!

If people snyff overmuch, I think I will have to draw that fact snuff discworld their attention. Retrieved 4 November It was still entertaining though, and it made a couple of boring flights seem to pass more quickly. Here we also have the tiniest of crimes and the greatest, although interestingly, the greatest is an individual murder, not genocide of a species.