I have an IP phone with IP However you have to configure a user on the phone in order to call or to be called. Bluetooth optional, 1G-8G optional. Now lets configure a user. In the section for user information you can add information about yourself.

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Now you have to type the name you will use while calling, a filename where your information will be stored and the protocol you will use SIP or H Both phones can ring up each other but as soon as I pick sjphone either of them, there’s no sound! You sjphone then set jsphone audio options. Blocked Cant detect whats wrong!!

Our product is great useful with low price. For simple sjphone though, like making phone calls over the Internet and socializing through sjphone instant messenger, this tool may prove to be surprisingly good.

The phone looks like this: The button which gives you access to the settings is right in the middle of the phone. Click the Options button or right mouse sjphone and then options. This makes it very easy today for any user to place a telephone call sjphone a regular PC by using a specialized piece of software called softphone. How to resolve this? A neat feature is the ability to display peers that are connected to the same LAN and are online, so that contacting them is only one click away.


Communication over the Internet is by no means something new and Voice over IP VoIP technologies have been constantly evolving for many years now. We described this in the previous chapter.

Sjphone, one can add contacts and manage them with great ease. Oct 24th, Freeware. As one would expect, the phonebook is present and well-represented in terms of functionality.

Download the latest version of Sjphone free in English on CCM

Any help is appreciated. New in SJphone 1. Enter your account sjphone and password. I always get the message number not found.

Maintain the good job. Sending Fax from Zoiper to Zoiper using T.

Thank you so much. Can connect to asterisk but fail to register. You will have to configure the Jabber parameters for this, but if you’ve done it sjphone with another IM sjphone, it should go very easy. Could u pls let me know how i could get the voice communication up.


Remember that before trying to configure this softphone, you sjhpone to be sure that you have already installed Asterisk server and configured the user in the asterisk conf sjphone. You can download it free of charge from http: Do anybody have the same probs that i have.

Configuring the SJphone software phone

SJphone was reviewed sjphone Olivian Puha. You can add also your picture. After configuring, I get tha message – Please help. One of the applications sjphone are especially sjphlne for this purpose is called SJphone and it aims to provide a wide variety of functions that surpass those of old-school phones and even some of the mobile devices in use today. However you have to configure a user on the phone in order to call or to be called.

It allows you can sjphone a user without using asterisk server. When user ring, the other party picks up, there are no voice communication available.