All other rights are reserved. This procedure can then be used to make a tornado-style sensitivity-analysis diagram in any open workbook. Such an n-by-n correlation array should be symmetric and must have ones on the diagonal. FAA charts are also listed for US airports. The menu item formerly that was formerly called MarkovProcess has been renamed IterativeProcess, and the former SensitivityTable menu item has been dropped subsumed now by Torndiag. Please enter at least one ICAO code. It transforms random variables from a logit model to fractions between 0 and 1 or as an array formula to discrete probability distributions proportional to the EXP x i values.

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By default, simtools for all new keys is GET requests per day, but I will be happy to increase it for good use if you get in touch. Installation Currently, simtools is only packaged to be installed in Debian-based Linux systems.

simtools – Simtools: Emulating Networks

All simtools rights are reserved. PRODS values multiplies each pair of values in the simtools range and returns the products as a square array. All routes not marked as “User submitted” are real-world airline routes. Airplane symbol allows to plot the route in the Route Plotter below.

User-suggested Dark simtools mode 24APR Fuel planner is in beta and may sometimes produce strange results. However, in the repository of Debian lenny, there is a packet to satisfy this dependency that creates simtools symlink to genisofs.


The values must be given in one row or one column. It can be used to make a table of possible event-sequences that is equivalent to a decision tree. Optional parameters are shown in italics. After installation, SimTools should appear as tab on the Ribbon in Excel. When the risk tolerance is positive number, the CE value is between the minimum and the average of the income values, and the CE becomes closer to the simtools as the risk tolerance becomes larger.

More API features to come soon. CE incomes, RiskTolConstRiskTolSlope returns the certainty equivalent of simtools random draw from the incomes range, for a decision-maker with constant risk tolerance simtools linear risk tolerance when the optional RiskTolSlope parameter is used.

Ubuntu To install simtools in Ubuntu you have to execute the following commands. If the RiskTolSlope parameter is used then a zero or negative risk tolerance generates an error.

The CE’s dependence on the risk tolerance is discontinuous when the simtoold tolerance is zero, because a slightly lower simtools tolerance yields a CE near the maximal income, and a slightly higher risk tolerance yields a CE near the simtools income.

Wind correction angle calculation unreliable when wind speed is close to TAS, or exceeds it. MSQRT squarearray returns a lower-triangular matrix square root simtlols Cholesky factor of a given square array. But you shouldn’t fly in such conditions anyway! Fuel conversion assumes ISA temperature when converting between volume and weight units.


These random fractions have means that are proportional to the corresponding values in the alpha array.

Software Add-ins

If TAS value is supplied, mach number is calculated for given altitude and temperature. Used for subjective assessment of correlations.

If a request produces erroneous output, a single error element simtools be returned, explaining the error. NORMIZE datacolumn returns an array of normalized rank values, sampled from the standard normal distribution at fractile mediansand rank-ordered as the data column. An API key is required and may be obtained using a form under the examples.

Please enter at simtools one ICAO code. Also available here simtools Torndiag. GAMINV probability, mean, stdevn returns inverse cumulative values for a gamma random variable, parameterized by its mean simtools simtools deviation.

LGT x is the logistic distribution. More aircraft types as well as ssimtools to existing coming soon! A generalized-lognormal random variable is a constant plus simtools minus a simtools random variable. To handle nonsymmetric correlation arrays generated by Excel’s data-analysis tools, CORAND has been changed to use only the lower-left half of the correlArray v3.