I’d be happy to give JustTrace a try, but not if Telerik makes it this difficult. The visualization is really helpful. For more details about the features, see the features page. Presents info on total objects created including those garbage collected. This is probably the killer feature of ANTS – finding leaks is incredibly fast because of this. I strongly disagree about the CLR profiler being all you need for.

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The tutorials are based on a Game of Life application that exhibits some memory related issues. Doubleclicking the displayed method jumps directly into the source code. The real-time graphing tool provides excellent flexibility in deciding what information you want to track.

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Use in Visual Studio and improve your debugging experience. NET Memory Profiler includes three wizards that guide you through gathering and interpreting memory-usage information. Over time, it gradually took over whatever computer it was running on — like some creeping slime monster in sictech horror movie.

We hope to remove those hurdles soon. In Visual Studio, you’re just one click away from real-time memory information or reviewing a snapshot.


About SciTech Software – .NET Memory Profiler

MemProfiler has save our team when we had a memory leak. Shows count of disposable objects that were not disposed. If the stack trace and tracking of undisposed disposable objects was added to ANTS I wouldn’t see the need protiler use anything else. More testimonials and customers list I tried other tools, but no scitech memory profiler tool gave the same detail.

Today I scltech able to download using the link in the answer without having to create an account.

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View specific fields in managed instances list New! I work on the DevPartner product line. It is, however, free. I have found dotTrace Profiler by JetBrains to be an excellent profiling tool for.

NET code it can be important to validate the memory usage of the. NET Memory Profiler will present the allocation call stack for each instance in the snapshot. NET application as in my case where performance was never a priority and profkler finding bottlenecks could be VERY tedious.

Thanks for trying, Kyralessa. The tutorials were created using an old version of. This makes it easier to analyze and scitech memory profiler overall application performance eg. Debugging memory issues is, however, still a craft rather than a science. We know that process can be improved.


It is a pain to configure it, but that is a one time activity and i would say it is worth the time. NET memory management strategies. NET Memory Profiler will give you that help and do it for a very reasonable price. NET Memory Profiler v5. NET applications started by other processes.

Looks kind of abandoned Locate and Fix a Memory Leak This lesson will show you how to locate and fix a memory leak in the Game of Life application. The issue is that when you do have a memory problem, you’re going to need lots of help to solve it.

Managed type instance details Filters Updated! I’ve scitech memory profiler testing Telerik’s Sctech recently and although it is well away from a finished product the guys are going sccitech the right direction.