It has a poor Hook Targeting Accuracy. The gameplay is what is expected in this hero arena, hooking, dodging and all. Jan 25, Messages: Are you planning to upload your awesome map to Hive? I will continue to try to improve if necessary. We have a new contest going on right now! A quest log is missing, but that almost always is never required unless you don’t have enough information.

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MythicDec 27, Jan 25, Messages: SC2 awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support.

Warcraft 3 Pudge Wars

Dec 14, Messages: Having the edges of playable mal being black borders gives the impression that the author was lazy in decorating the edges. Overall, however, the gameplay of the map can be a fun grind with friends if they are willing to play a more laid back competitive hero arena. It also does not blend well with the environment at all. Invisibility and bonus movement is lost upon moving within of an enemy Pudge.

Pudge Hook Wars v + AI – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Might be wrong though, was just judging from the relative download speed. Required number of team kills to win can be from 30 to Sometimes, the game is just luck unless a player has knowledge about the items. The AI were great. The Features are ,ap, everything that is in there was found in the map. I truly hope this gets approved.


Pudge Hook Wars v2.7d + AI

Just one question tho, how do I re assign the hotkeys? Removes Invisibility of Black Market.

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The abilities that the player can buy are good. Dragged unit loses 1 Strength per 75 distance traveled. Pudge Hook Wars v2. The itens placed in the markets are good, well fitting for the map. Those imported models are good, the HQ terrain makes pugde game different, and quite intresting.

Morois y su free download song when you say nothing at all by ronan keating op, Lissa, es una inhibition -X. Sure, games of luck isn’t a bad pudge wars ai map some people enjoy this type of gameplaybut in a competitive based map like this, it’s unfitting.

Pudge Ultra Wars Ai – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Gameplay from version 2. Dont know if uploaded by you. Yes, it’s non-DotA 2 version.


Your bb code at the top doesn’t work. The Frozen Throne Recommended version: Love SeekerFeb 14, Hello, really great map! To be mwp, the gameplay is a spawn and encounter an enemy kill fest. Sure, there isn’t the classic pudge wars ai map on type of feature in a hook but there is a fair amount of styles to play with the different hooks there are.

A quest log is missing, but that almost always is never required unless you don’t have enough information. Yes, my password is: StoPCampinGn00bFeb 14, Many say that this could prevent spawn killing as spawning isn’t only in one or two areas, but they’re wrong.