How’d you like to add a ’70s look to any of your images? It has all the coolness of an iPad app and it works on the desktop. Just a thought, but do you have an Image Open in PS? This post made me interested in looking at the extension. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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OK – now I will jump down off my soapbox!!

PSKiss Photogram | Photography Blog

This Photoshop plugin easily lets you pskiws your favorite photos into images from the ’70s, with 15 vintage effects and a number of neat tools such as light leaks and EXIF date stamps. They are a mix of faux retro camera effects which are guaranteed to give your photos a very pskiss photogram look.

Have an account already? Best of all, it’s as easy as just clicking an effect on the main area of the app’s panel. Want to get rid of the Light Leak? It’s a snap to do by using the easy cropping tool.

PSKiss Photogram – Installation Guide – PSKISS

I did try uninstalling and I do not seem to have any other default Extensions. When you purchase a deal your account will be automatically created. Their web site colour scheme makes the site almost unreadable – there is extremely poor contrast between text colour and background colour. If you want the same effect but a different crop, select a different crop and then reapply pskiss photogram same effect to it.


The effects panel Click on any of the effects pskiss photogram it will start immediately. However, when I open up Photoshop CS5 and go to Window, the Extension menu is grayed out and nothing is present hpotogram even available for me to click on.

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With PSKiss’ Photogram, you can give any photo modern or classic a total ’70s makeover thanks to some incredible effects. Welcome to first-ever Photoshop App!

Did you try unistalling the extension to see if the extension menu pskisa available again? I have successfully installed it through Extension Manager where I can see it is installed. Leave a Comment Pskiss photogram reply. Correct Answers – 10 points. Log in below to keep track of your purchases. This plugin is not compatible with Photoshop Elements pskiss photogram Lightroom.

Give Photos a ’70s Makeover with PSKiss’ Photogram – only $4.95!

Click it and it will replace the previous. Please note that cropping is done automatically from center outwards.


By Fresh Design Elements – Ends in. Use the scroll on the right hand side pskiss photogram reveal more effects 15 total. I grabbed an image of some pnotogram I shot this morning with a view to using it with this extension.

Pskuss you envy your friends their iPhone Instagram app and their iPad grunge photo editing apps then PSKiss has the pskiss photogram. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Additional note I am using Windows Vista.

PSKiss Photogram for Photoshop CS5+

Often, you’d get a light leak somewhere on your frame and yes, you can even add that dose of realism to your images through Photogram. I have also sent them a message directly about this. If you wish to return to the original pskiss photogram, simply select No Crop and click the effect button. You photoggam download the extension from pskiss.

Any effects you click, will be added on a new layer, leaving the original image untouched. Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.