If for some reason you do not have a copy of Microsoft Office or Excel on your computer, you can actually download a free beta copy of Office from. There was an update for mine, and my book was recently published, so be sure to check. Go to your opened excel document and while it’s open double click on the file you dragged onto your desktop. Once the file is downloaded click on it and it will take you to your downloads. Thank you for rating the program! It makes using Excel easier for statistical operations. Reply Was it helpful?

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Packed Column Calculator Science Tools.

PHStat2 free download with specific step-by-step instructions on how to install properly.

To do this simply repeat step 7 and that’s all there is to it. I have been running Office since the Tech Preview release, and am now running Office Beta x64 on my inwtaller.

It works great and has even run some other addons especially ones for Outlook without any problems. First, Office ‘s final release didn’t emphasize the 64bit version as much as many of us expected. phstat2 installer

PHStat2 (free version) download for PC

It is apparently included in many Pearson textbooks, so even students not in a statistics class may need to use it. Once the phstah2 is downloaded click on it and it will take you to your downloads. If you have any other version installed make sure to uninstall it because having two different MS Office will clash with each other causing excel to crash. Thank you for rating the program!


That’s not the case, and now that it’s out, most phstat2 installer us phstat2 installer using the 32 bit edition. PHStat supports Office and newer, including Office Log In Sign Up.

Office 2010 and PHStat2

It makes using Excel easier for statistical operations. Sure, you could do many of the same things in Excel itself, and professional users likely will. Also, there may be an update for the version of PHStat2 that came with your textbook, so check their website at http: Chances are, if you have a recent version of Office on Windows, PHStat2 will work as intended on your computer.

Skip to main content. This will pop open a menu phstat2 installer you if you want to enable or disable macros. I knew it had installed properly, but just to be sure, I reinstalled it and sure enough, I received the same error message. How to clean registry featured.

For me, I’m glad I’ve moved on from studying statistics, but am excited to see their team listening to their customers and working to keep their tool great for the next generations of students!


You will have to enable macros each time you open a new excel document. Phstat2 installer you see the file PHStat2. The 64 bit version doesn’t work correctly with many addons, including PHStat2, because essentially the new 64bit version works differently phstat2 installer would not work with most existing addons.

Click here to sign up. From here click on the blue folder with PH Stat 2 3. This will run until Octoberso while not a full fix, phstat2 installer will at least more than get you through this semester.

Office and PHStat2 | Techinch

The download link is for update 2. Phstat2 installer phetat2 a statistics add-in for Microsoft Excel. It should work find on Office, and Install Microsoft Office for Mac.

You want phstat2 installer click on enable and that should finish the installation of PH Stat. Instzller will create a shortcut making it easier to access when using excel. It’s designed by professors for students, and does do a great job making complex Excel tricks seem easy.

This will give you access to the documents within it.