Ninja Scroll of Wilderness. Shrine Maiden of the Mizuchi. Thoughts on a Moonlit Night. Musically Matatabi was influenced by heavy metal bands such as Judas Priest , [5] Annihilator and Destruction , [6] and by Rush. Crescent in the Blue.

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Hill of the Onmyouza Tree. Moon in the Clouds, Flowers in the Wind. Ninja Scroll of Nirvana. There are also some other songs inspired by Osamu Tezuka and Natsuhiko Kyogokuand onjyouza Kumikyoku Yoshitsune trilogy is based on the legend of Japanese ancient tragic hero Minamoto onmyouza Yoshitsune.

The Truth of Cherry Blossoms. What I Dreamed of The Man Who Chases the Wind. Crescent in The Blue. Each onmyouza the band member’s stage names feature a double entendre with onmyouza sense of humor and make references to cats. Only a few copies exist.


Ninja Scroll of Cicada Live. Ninja Scroll of Heat Haze.

Onmyouza Albums

Same as above, only the color of onmyouza CD is different. Translation of Matatabi’s liner notes. Therefore Being as Fleet as the Wind. Maybe a Demon, Maybe a Human.

Story of the Emperor’s Plan and the Onmyouza of Demons. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Nintendo DS game Inugamike no Ichizoku opening and ending themes.

Ninja Scroll of Military Rule.

Onmyouza – Onmyoza, Onmyo-za | JpopAsia

Onmyouza article needs additional citations for verification. Ninja Scroll of Demon Slaying. Ninja Scroll of Onmyouza. Ninja Scroll of Wilderness. Love Letter Burning on the Fuguruma. Ninja Scroll of Flying Squirrel. Views Read Edit View history.

Shrine Maiden of the Mizuchi. Walk Over My Dead Body. Ninja Scroll of Peacock. Ninja Scroll of Bewitching Flower.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Ninja Scroll of Calm.

陰陽座(Onmyouza) Discography & Lyrics – 答和不要 ~an answer isn’t needed~

Limited to 50 copies. Tracks are discussion tracks. Like a Dragon Obtaining a Onyouza. Gan-Shin onmyouza Japanese heavy metal musical groups Japanese power metal musical groups Japanese symphonic metal musical groups Folk metal musical groups Onmyouza groups from Osaka Musical groups established in