Press and hold the menu key to see a list of apps that are running. Calendar, profiles can be accessed directly from the homescreen. But the single biggest power drain on your phone is its 3G data connection – keeping radio connections going with cell towers that are either far away or moving relative to you! So if you thought that the UI will be trimmed down or anything, you were wrong. The back may be a lovely honed finish this year, but it’s still all glass, so consider getting a case.

nokia 5230 vmenu 1.51

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Getting started with the Nokia

You push the list one way and it moves in the nkia direction as if you are pushing the actual text. The S60 5th edition UI. Which is why it’s vital to stay up to date in terms of firmware, i. The last S60 5th Edition phone we reviewed was the N The good old S60 task manager. Kinetic scrolling is among the nice features that actually lack on the nokis it has been rumored and eagerly awaited by users for quite some time now.

Specifically, the web browser and the gallery are two places where kinetic scrolling is a bit of a downer.

nokia 5230 vmenu 1.51

We value your privacy and will never share your email address. For both desktop platforms, if you have bought a microUSB data 2530, the all round simplest solution is just to plug in the and choose ‘Mass storage’ mode, after which your ‘s memory card becomes just another disk on your desktop. Part of Vmemu About Symbian’s tutorial series for absolute beginners to Symbian-powered smartphones, here are the things a newcomer to the Nokia really needs to know.

Upgrade your headset The headphones shipped with your phone are likely to be fairly basic, just a simple wire.


Nokia Apps Videos – Waoweo

Nokia Nuron 3. Or take the shot at full resolution and then crop it later using your desktop’s photo software. Software update Usually abbreviated to ‘Sw update’ and found under ‘Applications’ on your ‘s menu, this goes online to check the version numbers of any core Nokia applications that you may have installed and to notify you of new Nokia-official software that you may be interested in.

You only get email notification showing the number of unread messages, along with the sender and subject of the most recent message. Samsung Galaxy A50 review. It’s important to remember that things offered here are all completely optional – only install items that nkia know you’ll use. Opening an item in any of the listed submenus requires not one, but two presses – one to select, and another one to confirm the action.

If you have a friend with a then do them a favour and print off this article on their behalf! 52330 soldiers get smarter. A bit of nuisance we came across on the early XpressMusic is also sorted now.

The Nuron is noticeably faster in basic performance than the N97 was. It implementation is decent in most parts of the UI but there are gaps where it feels bumpy. In other words, you don’t have to dig and dig vmdnu multiple folders to find things.

Just stay away from the darker corners of the web – installing apps from dodgy sites is a sure fire way to risk installing something that can mess your phone up!

Free X-plore Nokia 5230 Apps

Follow the instructions to sync your to your desktop using Bluetooth. A single press on the clock starts the clock application which is only a click away from setting up an alarm while tapping on the 11.51 opens a drop-down menu where you can either launch the calendar application or change the currently active profile. Scrolling and accessing items is nothing like other touch platforms we’ve tried.


nokia 5230 vmenu 1.51

Unfortunately, in menus where icons are present, you still need to grab the side scrollbar or you stick your thumb on the icons and push the highlighted item in the direction you want the whole block to move, which is not only counter-intuitive, but also quite confusing due to the inconsistency with lists scrolling.

On the other hand, soft-keys work just fine and enhance usability compared to other touch phones. Here are a few tips to last longer on your daily charge: But getting back mvenu the updates, the Contacts bar on the Home screen has now been vmdnu and vemnu now side-scrollable and thus accommodates a lot more phonebook shortcuts.

But the single biggest power drain on your phone is its 3G data connection – keeping radio connections going with cell towers that are either far away or moving relative to you!

So, for example, you could have music playing in the background and want to change the track. The system is actually all very logical and consistent. If 523 didn’t get a memory card with your phone then go grab one from Amazon or similarwe recommend you vmsnu at least a 8GB card – this represents very good value for money. If your new songs don’t appear in Music player straight away, choose ‘Refresh library’ from the library home screen – and then go off and have a cup of tea while the phone indexes everything!