The Suffle Skip on Beat Edit. Be Human, Part two. Mophono made it Change The Beat. Be Human Part Two. What is the answer?

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Surprised by the sudden demand, Mophono decided to release the song, plus 8 variations on the original, as an EP on his own label, CB Records. Black Focus by Yussef Kamaal. Sun Power – Original Mix. Be Human – Part One. Shuffle, The Harlem Shuffle Remix.

DJ Centipede (Mophono)

Mophono i cry Cry Idiom crea Remix. Sunpowers The Mophono – M. Top Tracks Top Artists. Cut Form Three Electric Kin Friday The 13th Jason Lives. I Cry Idium Creek Remix. Now Skip on Beat. I Cry Original Version. Be Human Part Two. Performing Mophono compositions live and manipulating prerecorded records sometimes overlaps, but for the most part, I wanted to put a divider between rocking a party and performing a composition by bringing electronic music to the stage by performing it on the spot.


DJ Centipede (Mophono) | SF Station

You can really tell that this mophono i cry done by pure music love. Cut Form Into, Pt. The Suffle Skip on Beat Edit. Cut Form Crunch ft. Tell us about your analog recording techniques. Some Strange Reason by Peace to Mateo.

I Cry Ep Artist: Cut Form Crunch ft Flying Lotus.

Find DJ Centipede online at http: Dj Centipede remix 4 livehuman. Mophono was inundated with more than requests for the song from as far away as Australia and Japan after Transworld Video featured the original mix in the skateboarding film, In Bloom. Be Human Part I.

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I Cry Idiom Creek Remix. Dedicated to the Synthetic Nophono. California Colors EP 12″ and Digital. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Cut Form Five Out.

I Cry [Track 01]. Dedicated To The Synthetic Live Human Break 7. Live Human Break 7 – Mophono.