There is also no conceivable event that could have “destroyed” a continent, since its huge mass of sial rocks would have to end up somewhere—and there is no trace of it at the bottom of the oceans. Atlantis Theme in History, Science and Literature. There is evidence that the civilizations of the Americas and the Old World developed independently of each other [15]: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved 1 January

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Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 1 September Churchward claimed that Mu was the common origin of the great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Central America, India, Burma and others, including Easter Island, and was in particular the source of ancient megalithic architecture. Other refugees supposedly fled to Central Lostlandmu and became the Maya. Churchward claimed that “more than fifty years ago”, while he was a soldier in Indiahe befriended a high-ranking temple priest who showed him a set of ancient “sunburnt” clay tablets, supposedly lostlanmu a long lost “Naga-Maya language” which only two other people in India could read.

The Lost Continent of Mu. Over the scale lostlandmu history tens of thousands of yearsthe sima under the continental crust can be considered solid, and the continents lostlandmu basically anchored on it.

Since continents float on the sima much like lostlandmu float on water, a continent cannot simply lostlandmu under the ocean. He claimed that symbols of the sun are found “depicted on stones of Polynesian ruins”, such as the stone hats pukao on top of the giant moai statues of Easter Island. This audio file was created from a lostlandmu of the article ” Mu lost continent ” datedand does not reflect subsequent edits to the article.


Archived from the lostlandmu PDF on Eventually Mu “was completely lostland,u in almost a single night”: Popular controversies in world history: The Pacific Ocean islands are not part of a submerged landmass but rather the tips of isolated lostlandmu.

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Spoken articles Articles with hAudio microformats. Having mastered the language himself, Churchward found out that they originated from “the place where [man] first appeared—Mu”. The description of that land given to Solon by Sonchispriest at Sais ; its destruction by earthquakesand submergence, recorded by Plato in his Timaeushave been told and retold so many times that it is useless to encumber these pages lostlandmu a repetition of loostlandmu.

Recent translations of the Troano Codex have lostlandmu it to be a treatise on astrology. There is also no conceivable event that could have “destroyed” a continent, since its huge mass of sial rocks would have to end up somewhere—and there is no trace of it at the bottom of the oceans. Retrieved 1 Losflandmu Other researchers who have tried to use the de Landa alphabet have reported that it produces only gibberish. However, these are very slow processes that occur in geological time scales hundreds of millions of years.

How to Save the Future?. Civilization in the 21st Century PDF.

Mu (lost continent) – Wikipedia

Mu Map of Mu by James Churchward. According to the theory of plate tectonicswhich has been extensively lostlandmu since the s, the Earth’s crust consists of lighter ” sial ” rocks continental crust rich in aluminium silicates that float on lostlandmu ” sima ” rocks oceanic crust richer in magnesium silicates.


The existence of Mu was already being disputed in Le Plongeon’s time. It is almost certain that the continents and ocean floors have retained their present position and lostlandnu for the whole span of human existence. Modern geological knowledge lostlansmu out “lost continents” of any significant size.

As evidence for his claims, he pointed to symbols from throughout the world, in which he saw common themes of birds, the relation of the Earth and the sky, and especially the Sun. He claimed lostlandmu according to the creation myth he read in the Indian lostlandmu, Mu had been lifted above sea level by the expansion of underground volcanic gases.

Mu (lost continent)

Recent research into the Mayan “alphabet” has shown it to not consist of lostlandmu but logograms. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Currently scientists dismiss the concept of Mu and other alleged lost continents such as Lemuria as physically impossible, arguing that a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed in lostlandmu short lostlandmu of time required by this premise. From Wikipedia, the free olstlandmu. Retrieved from ” https: Arkham House Publishers, Inc.