Warum weiss ich davon? This is the version that is normally staged today, although the original play-plus-opera has been occasionally performed, such as at the Edinburgh International Festival and at the Salzburg Festival. In he persuaded Strauss to collaborate on turning their attention to reworking the play into a musical comedy. Zerbinetta sends them away and tries on her own, with her long coloratura aria, the gist of which is that there are plenty of other men besides Theseus. The audience openly expressed its disapproval of the piece by hissing after the first act. She faints and thinks she has died, astonished by the magical transformation which seems to have overtaken her, while Bacchus exclaims that hers is the magic which has transformed him. The opera artists are horrified, but the comedians are happy to employ their improvisational skills.

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The major domo announces that his master has decided that the two works must be played simultaneously, so that a fireworks display can start punctually at nine o’clock. Music composed by Richard Strauss.

She can think of nothing except her betrayal by Theseus and she wants death to libeetto her suffering. Wozu leben in ihr? Zerbinetta and her companions make a vain attempt to attract her attention raiadne Harlequin sings about the libretto ariadne auf naxos of sorrow and the return of love; but she does not even lift her head.


OPERA-GUIDE: Ariadne auf Naxos

In dieser Welt kann keine Libretto ariadne auf naxos ihre Schwingen regen! Gibst du Vergessenheit So zwischen Blick und Blick? Senza rispondere, Arianna si rifugia nella sua grotta lasciando Zerbinetta sola con i propri pensieri: Kam der aif Gott gegangen, Hingegeben war ich stumm! After the final duet between Ariadne and Bacchus, Zerbinetta returns with an aria combining motives from ” Komm der neue Gott gegangen ” and ” So war’s mit Pagliazzo und Mezzetin!

Zerbinetta’s interpretation ligretto that Ariadne is only waiting for another lover – stirs the composer into trying to explain that Ariadne is a high-souled being who can only love one man; but when she learns that Ariadne is rescued by Bacchus, she declares her point proved and assures the composer he will soon know more about women.

Haben sie sich eine Stunde lang gelangweilt, so ist ist es doppelt schwer, libretto ariadne auf naxos lachen zu machen. Opera by Richard Strauss. Einen Lakai zu mir! Let’s be friends again. The other is an opera company, who will present an opera seriaAriadne auf Naxosthe work of the Composer. The combination of the play and opera proved to be unsatisfactory to the audience: Due to the war this production could only be shown seven times.

Verraten Sie mich nicht. Members of the two companies quarrel over which performance should be presented first. Label for the input.

This version was not a success at its premiere, but Strauss retained an affection for the music throughout his life, choosing it as the culiminatory work at his 85th birthday celebrations in Besides the opera, Strauss provided incidental music to be performed during the play.


Also of note is the Composer’s aria Sein wir wieder gut!

Und zuckt uns nicht der Sinn danach? From Zerbinetta’s utterance of ” Hand ariiadne Lippe ” sing “ai, ai, ai, ai” and immediately goes into the duet between Zerbinetta and Harlekin. Die sind aber jetzt dort, wo ich auch hin sollt’! Ariadne believes him to be Hermes and offers herself up to him.

Ariadne auf Naxos (1916 version) (1916)

As passion enfolds them, Zerbinetta comments that she was right all along: Nein, sie stirbt wirklich. Nichts gilt, was hier gegolten hat, ich weiss – Sie schliesst die Libretto ariadne auf naxos. The dancing master tells Zerbinetta the plot of the opera – that Ariadne is a princess deserted by her lover and longing for death. Sie ist das Sinnbild der menschlichen Einsamkeit. The composer is struck by her beauty but horrified when he learns that her performance is to follow his opera. Seine Gnaden ist gewohnt, anzuordnen und seine Anordnungen befolgt zu sehen.