While it was decent, this book didn’t live up to my high expectations of her. Paige and Nicholas’s relationship? She understands more about her childhood and her mother, and returns to her husband and child. It probably was my least favorite of all of her books. Paige’s ability to do so, draws Nicholas to Paige. Paige finally realizes she is stronger than she had previously believed and is able to stand strong for herself and for Nicholas. Contudo os seus planos mudam quando conhece Nicholas, um estudante muito promissor de medicina.

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I found it really hard to believe that a mother could walk out on her family and nEVER contact them again and yet profess to love them. This is a book I won’t forget for a long time.

Harvesting the Heart Summary & Study Guide

I also missed her usual story of a legal battle or some debilitating disease. He was a brilliant heart surgeon, hence the title but the title has a double meaning re Paige’s heart too. There is Catholicism sloppily researched cliche Catholicisman abortion! Contudo os seus planos mudam quando conhece Nicholas, um estudante muito promissor de medicina.

It’s one of those books that you hate reading, but that you must see through to the end. She walks out on her son and husband to go and find the mother that abandoned her.


Part 2, Growth, SummerChapter 24, Nicholas. Generally speaking, I love the author. It was quite different in that it was distinctly overwritten, and in parts quite beautifully-written too. The reconciliation between mother and daughter was sentimental and contrived. This is my first non-five-star JP book.

Jodi Picoult · Harvesting the Heart

Nov 12, Britta rated it it was amazing. How are they alike? Part 1, Conception tbe, Chapter 15, Piocult. Refresh and try again. They often have some kind of topical theme. Read more about Jodi on her website: I love Picoult books, and recently decided to start from the beginning. The story of a young woman overcome by the demands of having a family.

Rich pcioult, poor girl, doctor vs young uneducated harvesting the heart jodi picoult. Part 3, Delivery, FallChapter 40, Paige. Now Paige finds herself in a similar predicament and decides to leave her baby, husband and everything behind again. Unfortunately nearly five hundred pages of two characters, one a bolter, the daughter of a bolter and one trying not very hard to escape his patrician family, gets boring without a good story.

She’s filled with mixed emotions, feeling a need to flee, or miscarry the child. Girl becomes trapped and overwhelmed with pidoult direction of her life and her responsibilities as a new mother. I read this book harvesting the heart jodi picoult my son was small so almost a decade ago. Paige has only a few vivid memories of her mother, picoulr abandoned her at five years old.


Subsequently, she kept a packed suitcase under her bed most her childhood. How to write a great review. After about a month off, I picked it up again First off, before starting the book, I noticed it was on a list of books not to read while pregnant and thought, interesting fact.

Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Her husband is an arrogant, uppity, surgical doctor that heaet continually tries to impress. This is a very hard tie for any new mother and especially hard if you have no support and a difficult baby too.

Boring plot full of holes I could drive a truck through, and self-absorbed, completely unlikable characters, with the exception of Paige’s father, who harveting better than the hand he was dealt.