I guess I’ve renamed you, is that ok? Maybe that’s tied to the whole older women thing. Hottie, don’t be jealous baby, I woulnd’t trade you for anybody else Always reminds me of leaving DR for NY and it reminds me of my aunt I like a lot of their stuff as well. It doesn’t take anything away from the song. Any 5 year old can come up with the same quality merengues he’s been producing lately.

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Marino Castellano – Me pagaste Mal 8.

Si Tu Me Dejas – Luis Vargas – DjMambito – Bachata – Intro Outro – Steady – 128Bpm_1

Cuz I can’t find it at amazon I even registered and it is still loading and webcam is Jan 31, and will refresh in 20 swconds it does to Jan. Also the Billboard awards, which are coming up again, and different things like that! Believe it or not I’ll try to find out what happened on Monday Of all the CD’s mentioned which 3 should I buy first Have you guys heard of Chichi Peralta?


I’m gonna cut back on the flirting I don’t feel old at all!!! I remember listening fray martinez aunque me llores merengue when I was growing up and not only were they good songs do dance to but the lyrics actually meant something.

CD Album – Various Artists – Bachata En La Calle Ocho 8 – Protel – USA

Try our station, here in Miami I know what it’s like to party and go to bed at 5: But defintely worth the trip. Where’s that “old” lady you keep talking about? Zacarias Ferreira – Adios 4.

Musicqueen, it’s me again I had a chance to interview Victor Victor do you know who he is? I read a while back in another post that DR men prefer more “submisive” women You know what changed my taste for bachata? I had to edit this On Sundays, from 12 to 2 pm Miami time we have just bachatas My computer is the same Anyway, I went to work for another tv network, and then they called me from a radio station I heart Alejandro Sanz Aventura – Alexandra 2.


Back then qunque sucked.

Cada Vez by Fray Martinez – Download or Listen Free Only on JioSaavn

I need someone who’s going to give me a challenge and keep things interesting. As for radio stations, if you have a dedicated internet connection you can find many radio stations that broadcast online. Sergio’s is called “A tiempo” I’m talking about merengue from the 80’s and early 90’s. Ok, had to edit to add Enjoy your new CD’s!

But I wish I could do all this in DR He is the best.

Monchi y Alex – Te quiero igual que ayer