In the Sibilants section, the Auto control dynamically adjusts the frequency response to target dodgy resonances, while the Smooth knob softens sibilance across the board by dialling in saturation. Gain can also be applied to the Sibilants curve as a whole by dragging the red handle. I simply loaded the ‘female singer basic’ preset and I was done. For advanced users, the Equalizer allows precise adjustment of the sibilant and voiced sound. Requires an iLok 2. It allows you to instantly see which frequency is to be reduced on fast-passing sibilants, visualize the changes applied by the process in real time while still keeping a few seconds of rollback under the eyes, and spot the key frequencies easily with the center frequencies of each filter being displayed on top of the analyzer.

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Eiosis E2 Deesser review | MusicRadar

Hardcore audio nerds might bemoan its lack of deep control, but for those more interested in transparency, workflow and results, e2deesser is a gift from the gods. The presets and basic eiosis e2 de-esser on their own will be enough to serve the needs of most, delivering natural sounding vocal de-essing and instrumental harshness reduction with minimal user input; but when you need more frequency-shaping control, the dual EQ is truly empowering.

Not only enabling fine tailoring of sibilance reduction across multiple frequency ranges brought to bear by the Amount controlbut also detailed equalisation of the main signal itself, the revamped EQ is a standout feature. De-essing has never been so eiosis e2 de-esser and fast. However, as soon as I inserted the E2 De-esser I discovered a fantastic vocal sound hidden beneath.

A common problem for engineers who are recording novice singers is that the sibilance in backing vocals can be thrown out of sync by bad timing on the part of the singer. Up to this point, I had attempted to control the sibilance in my recordings by automating a high-cut EQ, dipping the amount of high-frequency content whenever I thought the listener could hear the sound of my teeth!


There is no detection frequency to fine tune, no option to chose from or no lookahead to adjust. Using the Equalizer on the sibilants is like having wide-band, split band and band-pass processing capabilities, simultaneously, in an intuitive, easy-to-adjust, interface.

PC and VST versions coming soon. Also new, the spectrogram plots the amplitude-over-frequency of eiosis e2 de-esser recent signal covering the host DAW’s loop range, or the last 2, 5 or 10 seconds eioiss, with the Voiced and Sibilants paths shown in blue and brown respectively. No products To be determined Shipping. By giving the user a large amount of control over the eiosis e2 de-esser effect, they hope to remove the problem of overly sibilant eiosis e2 de-esser once and for all.

You try reducing the high frequency content of the vocal with an EQ, but the result is just a dull-sounding vocal and de-seser sibilant noises still leap out! Image 2 of 2 The E2 De-esser comes with loads of useful presets. It’s not that they can’t sing; some singers just sound a little hissy in front of a mic. It’s easy to use, installs with no fuss and, crucially, once it’s inserted in your track, you set it up and forget about eiosjs. It finally becomes fun to track and fix sibilant issues!

E2deesser’s eight algorithms, selected in the Mode menu, configure a number of behind-the-scenes parameters to deal with a range of sibilance-reducing issues. Four-band EQ on each path. Our Verdict An incredibly effective and useful de-essing tool. The best on the market, hard or soft. Pros So easy to use! I simply loaded the ‘female singer basic’ preset and I was done. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.



Many of us never touch a de-esser. That’s not to say you’ll ever need it, and even without an ‘expert’ mode, the second generation of Eiosis’ amazing device might just be the best de-esser ever made.

I’ve spent many hours retiming backing vocal parts to avoid this ‘smearing’, but how about de-essing the parts instead? Adjust the Sensitivity eipsis detect more or less sibilants, and then set how much sibilance should be reduced with the Amount.

Eiosis e2 DeEsser (Review & Walkthrough)

This was a fairly successful approach, but by simply using the ‘male speech’ preset, the E2 De-esser instantly corrected all the failings in my microphone technique, with no tweaking required! Taking this approach to backing vocals had eiosis e2 de-esser occurred to me before, but it’s a working practice I’ll certainly return to.

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The new e2deesser the name remains the same – this is another ‘reboot’, rather than a ‘v2’, like AirEQ last year improves on its predecessor in just about eiosis e2 de-esser area, but still adheres to the same basic operational principle: Unfortunately, the best vocal takes had occurred when I was far too close to the microphone, so there were all sorts of hisses and clicks that would distract the listener.