This means that source files written to use Eclipse SDK 3. The Sun VM may hang indefinitely during class loading if it runs out of permanent generation memory. I have listed them below: Update to ICU4J 4. In the plug-in import wizard, when you choose to import plug-ins as “projects with source folders”, PDE will not unzip the source for the org. To change the version of a plug-in installed in your system, you need to either perform an update, or install a feature patch.

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Most of the Eclipse SDK is “pure” Java code and has no direct dependence on the underlying operating system.

Eclipse Project Release Notes

This is achieved with the ” -vm ” command line argument as illustrated above. Problem with inner classes referenced from jars or class folders: See bug for a possible workaround. The packages defined in the nested JAR may not be exported correctly in the Export-packages bundle manifest header.

Creating and applying refactoring scripts sometimes fails with Sun 6. If problems persists after downloading an installation of Eclipse from eclipse. Are they packaged separately? Here are some things to watch out for when sharing projects between Eclipse 3. If you have an old config.


For example, you could launch eclipse as follows: This only happens when the link file that configures the extension location uses a relative path that points to a directory under the Eclipse install.

Javadoc warning in eclipse sdk 3.7.2 build. Portions are eclipse sdk 3.7.2 to specific classes of operating environments, requiring their source code to only reference facilities available in particular class libraries e.

The command eclkpse for launching Eclipse with this eclipse sdk 3.7.2 should be: LaunchConfigurationEditDialog does not return correct return code when the user clicks “Continue”. If set, Eclipse will use it prior to proxy settings declared using env variables. Adios to Winter Bash Defects Fixed in Maintenance Releases Appendix 1: See bug for more details. This allows the user to identify whether Eclipse was downloaded through the eflipse package management system or directly from the eclipse.

JobManager does not wake up a scheduled job.

Users in shared install scenarios may end up in this situation as previous builds of Eclipse automatically generated config. Appendix 1 contains a table that eclips the class library level required for each bundle. A workspace created or opened by a product based on Eclipse 3.

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eclipse sdk 3.7.2 See the help topic Generating p2 metadata for more details on running the p2 metadata generator bug When an unchecked exception is configured to not suspend execution in a specific class, execution will still suspend when the user preference to suspend on uncaught exceptions is on. All non-API methods and classes, and certainly everything in a package with “internal” in its name or x-internal in the bundle manifest entry, are considered implementation details which may vary between operating environment and are subject to change without notice.


However, future releases could easily break the Eclipse CVS client. An example of its content is presented below:. The About dialog itself can also provide other information, the build identifier can be of particular interest as it is tagged by some distributions. StackOverflowError exception eclipse sdk 3.7.2 to an exception breakpoint elcipse, the debugger may not be able to retrieve any debug information from the target JVM.

Eclipse Project Release Notes

In this context the only way to fclipse the key bindings work again is to restart Eclipse. It refers to the eclipse executable inside the application bundle and takes the same arguments as “eclipse.

In the table below, the “3.