Go into Green Rock Temple. If you have already given the lute to the beggar, enter the castle in Sedona and the beggar will give you a love song Head across the bridge, which needed repair earlier. There are a few small differences between this game and the previous one. Go to Riven Forest in search of the dynamite wielding militant squirrels. Talk to the old woman, who will teach Stella the Whirlwind spell. There are also bad guys to fight if you need money.

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She will darkthrpo you to get a cupcake from the table attraction point 1. She is against Nox leading Mel to fulfill the prophecy. Heal up, buy new armor and weapons, and go back into the park surrounding Underfall. The blue water fairies are immune to melee attacks, but sensitive to magic, so it pays to get some of the aveyond darkthrop prophecy from the merchant in Thornkeep, as they remove the silence state.

Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy – Aveyond Studios Community

Make sure to use the sword station on the way. Go to Jebb who is trying to nap on the grass in the south part of Clearwater and give him the hat so he can sleep with the sun out of his eyes. Go in and make your way around to the aveyond darkthrop prophecy gate. Remember to explore the whole city, including the city walls.


When she sees you, she hides it under her bed and runs outside. First make your way northwest to Thornkeep. Galahad busts it open. To start, you will have no resources, so collect these on the way. Christmas Around The World.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough and Cheats |

They are not entirely necessary and will be marked as side quests in the walkthrough. You must use magic to defeat the wisps. He falls into the portal just before it winks out. When she orders Galahad to escort them away and they still refuse, a fight ensues.

Turn off the water and use the two pipes you collected to repair the water system. Content s of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides.

In this game aveyond darkthrop prophecy will play as 2 separate groups of characters with two separate inventories, which will add dxrkthrop interesting twist. Follow the path north and drakthrop go west at the signpost to get to Sedona.

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Aveyond 3-4: Darkthrop Prophecy

There is a new staff for Stella in the chest behind the octopus on the ladder. Then, report back to Professor Yavara.


Visit the apothecary and ask about a cure for Gabrel. Whichever queen you choose, they will both turn their sister into dirt. There are many great goodies there, make sure to get them all. Mel, however, assures that she is safe. You will see the squirrels blow up a rock and disappear again. First fight the bat and empty the prophect, then pull the lever and go through the other gate.

Before you battle the menu opens so aveyond darkthrop prophecy can choose your fighting party. Mel tells Yemite to find Edward darktrop bring him to her. She tells you that aveyond darkthrop prophecy stole her house. This is NOT the mask for the party in Underfall! Farther down you encounter an old woman waiting by a bridge.

Go northwest and fight a large group of monsters that are guarding the first Wyvern Flame. She refused and just then Edward appears with two strangers come to the rescue and destroy the darklings.