Integrated the Android Asset Studio, which helps you create icons for things like the launcher, menus, and tabs. Issue Fixed a problem with the -snapshot-list command line option on bit systems. Fix issue in emulator installation when paths have spaces. The New Android Project wizard now supports Eclipse working sets. Fixed RenderScript compilation issue for Windows platforms with ant. Look for code potentially affected by a SecureRandom vulnerability.

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Added new –sources and –classpath arguments to point to sources with different directory structures.

Setting Up Virtual Devices. The palette now supports different configurations for supported widgets. You may see a dialog asking whether you want to send usage statistics to Google. Fixed memory leak in the emulator.

Fixed RenderScript compilation issue for Windows platforms with ant. If you are already working with library projects created in ADT 0. Fixed support for library string resources strings.

Added more than 15 new Lint checks, including checks for overriding older Toolikt, XML resource problems, versioon asset issues and manifest tags. Fixed problem where exporting release package does not recompile libraries in release mode. Select it and click Next. Improved diagnostics for class loading and rendering errors: Fixed a number of minor issues in the SDK and build android developer toolkit version 20.0.0. Fixed problem where exporting release package does not recompile libraries in release mode.


SDK Build Tools release notes

Fixed issues that could prevent layout rendering due to unresolvable resources. Temporary work-around to resolve the rare cases in develope the layout editor will not open.

Sign up using Facebook. Fixed wrong check on build state that forced repetitive Java code recompilation. Also with SMP support, you can test apps that specifically target multi-core Android devices. Android SDK Platform-tools revision 19 or later. In the Tollkit Details dialog, click Next. Updated reporting to include errors in library projects if the library project is in the list of projects to be checked. Enable this feature with the manifestmerger.

Installing the Eclipse Plugin | Android Developers

Upgrading to SDK Tools r9: For details on the improvements, see the Android Tools Project Site. Adds a new clipping toggle, to let you see your full layout even if it’s bigger than the screen. Any existing projects that you build with Ant must be updated with the android update project command.


Fixed the missing JAR file error that prevented draw9patch from running. Check that production builds do not use mock location providers.

Certain views have properties configured by developrr. Issue Fixed problem where tools: No longer limits the develoepr of the system partition. Added support for WebP image decoding. Added simulated vertical swipes for scrolling through vertical menus with a mouse wheel. Thus, APK post-processing, such as zipalignmust be performed before apksigner is invoked, not after.

The first text field dropped in a layout is assigned focus, and there are Request Focus and Clear Focus context menu items on text fields to change the focus.