We are the ones who popularise these songs and play the upcoming music on our channel. I believe that three to four years down the line, we would have a strong non-film patronage like Bollywood. We might come up with some niche segments and divert from music channel. What to Read Next. Some government formalities are to be completed and then we would be going on air. You are among the few music channels who play non film music apart from Bollywood?

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The channel had on 10 June released an audio teaser of? But whatever changes we make, we would like to stick to our core ingredient, the music and many fun-filled shows are lined up.

Contact Us About RadioandMusic. Television viewing patterns generally start with a music channel and end with a music 9xm media ringtone. I n a scenario choc a bloc with music 9xm media ringtone trying to outdo each other with innovative programming, Music India believes in sticking mddia the conventional format of no VJs and back to back music. A Positive Approach to Progress: There are some songs which do not make it to the top in the beginning but they slowly escalate the charts like A.

The new music channel 9XM is doing well but the format of the channel seems more or less like Music India? Also with these mobile gadgets, there is a novelty factor attached to it but television channels occupy an important place.


The medi of the consumption available, like the size of the screen plus music is just a byproduct of the whole of different 9xm media ringtone like phones or internet.

The problem of distribution persists as there are many channels and there is not enough space available on cable networks. You take a call to use a song in your cell 9xm media ringtone internet only after it is played on the television. VP – digital Vibha Gosher. AnitaIyer 28 Apr The digital media fingtone allows our viewers to also upload their own funny and witty version of the videos,” adds Pandey.

9X Media seeks to embed itself as India’s music network | Advertising | Campaign India

What innovations does Media worldwide plan now? The song will be aired 20 times per day on each of the five channels. We promote the movies and ringtone codes are just part of the campaign. We support the upcoming movies and ensure that people consume this music.

9X Media seeks to embed itself as India’s music network

Bhojpuri market is a booming industry and there is lot of potential in the near future. The song is also available as caller tune and ringtones. Also, every ladder you climb is at a cost of crores of rupees but fortunately, things are getting better 9xm media ringtone.

Mass media bombardment of music in the satellite space and availability of music on the digital space is driven by mass consumption of music on your minds by music channels. What is the status of music channels in India today? How much per cent does 9xm media ringtone contribute to the revenue of total revenue of your channel? The positioning of our channel is unique and we don’t want to divert from music and venture in non-musical content. We might come up with some niche segments and divert from music channel.


The tastes of the audiences are changing constantly with no brand loyalty, so engagement of consumers is going to be difficult in coming times.

Testing the viral effect of the digital platform, we chose to launch the audio on Youtube and let the magic begin. Does that mean you would venture in other genres now after music? Media World wide is a small broadcast company with few channels!

9XM charts an aggressive digital strategy

But they are only playing hit songs and not experimenting or taking a call on the new songs in the market like we do. Sign up for our Newsletter subscribe for latest stories. Are the new music channels posing a threat to the existing ones? We believe that non film music has great potential to explode if given a proper platform and we provide 9xm media ringtone with an rintone.