Short grass prairie 0. In general, the higher the rate of infiltration, the lower the quantity of stormwater runoff. The following paragraphs describe the elements of TR that are of most interest for use on construction sites, and present examples for its use. Finally, each segment has 12 lines representing different travel times from the bottom of the subwatershed area to the location of interest. Modifications of the rational method have similar limitations. Runoff Overview Manning’s roughness coefficient. WinTR structure data screen for detention facilities.

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These soils have a low rate of water transmission 0. While WinTR can be used for watersheds with up to ten sub-areas and up to ten reaches, the simplest run involves only a single sub-area. Area Am, mi 2.

As an example, the diversion length for U2 is ft long and the elevation drop is 70 ft. Total, or weighted average: This is called the initial abstraction.

Example Tabular Hydrograph Calculation. In the case for subarea 1, the Tc is 1. Strip commercial, all directly connected. Subareas O3, O4, O5, O6, and O7 are all very small and do not drain to this pond site, but drain towards the perimeter filter fabric fences. It is applicable for many conditions at construction sites and will be described later in this chapter. Foliage also transpires moisture into wintr 55 atmosphere thereby creating a moisture deficiency in the soil which must be replaced wintr 55 rainfall before runoff occurs.


Individual storms that cause property wontr or loss of life are recorded and reported for every area of the nation. Wintr 55, it is important to determine the native soils on the proposed construction site an overlay of soil types is usually required for most erosion control plans. The recent preliminary Windows version of TR has many improvements and wintr 55 much easier to use than the older manual method or the original computer version.

In addition, compacted soils also produce much more runoff than natural soils Pitt, et al. Table examines these highly erosive rains winyr each month of the year, for this same Birmingham rain period.

Regional Rainfall Conditions

The qintr of events evaluated for each city ranged from about to separate rains. The tables above list a number of Mannings’s roughness corfficients. Figure is the main map that is displayed for the Atlas. Data entry is needed only on the windows that are applicable to the watershed being evaluated. Low density residential area, grass swales. The large wintr 55 15 and 22 are the sections numbers.


WinTR-55 Small Watershed Hydrology

This is called the “design storm”. This wibtr is the last non-computerized version and has wintr 55 widely used for drainage design in urban areas. Some wntr the intercepted moisture is so long draining from the plant down to the soil that it is withheld from the initial period of runoff. Also shown are the effects of duration for sintr of the test conditions. For example, a silty loam soil with lawn in good condition has a runoff curve number CN of This uninspired title refers to a stormwater runoff rate and volume calculation methodology developed by the US Government in and updated as a public software program called WinTR This means that the water still flows in a sheet but is deep enough that the surface influence is reduced.

Silt, silt loam or loam. Peak flow rate and hydrograph to be combined with U1 and U2. Wintr 55 to also evaluate shear stress on channels and on slopes. Typical Birmingham Rain Conditions. Storms have characteristic patterns that vary by region.