And I would like to see all my contacts, even if they are offline. In comparison Gtalk crash immediately when I call a friend in video conference Only way to establish call to have contact added from PC, then make a call by clicking on contact name. The google made app offers video chat anyway. Blank screen my girlfriend added it on her iPhone 4 didn’t work either. My phone has been unplugged for 3 hours 30 minutes. Nevertheless, is very laggy and pixeled.

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There’s no way to answer the call.

Work on samsung galaxy S by anonym. Every time I try vtok open a video chat, my device crashes and restarts. I am left with only one option to stop it forcefully from battery management option. Not vtok by anonym.

Nevertheless, is very laggy and pixeled.

Vtok – free calls, texts, chat, video for Google Talk and Voice

vtok Great start, I was ftok to get it up and running with calls to my dad’s Evo and to my PC. It keeps running in background. The app is compatible from version 2. Call done through speaker, no privacy by anonym.


But sucks battery dry even when u close it down. It seems like everyone is having this problem. It vtok move to SD vtok, cause the app is pretty big.

Vtok, free Android app

But there’s only an exit option which requires you to sign-out from the vtok. Infuse-ginger Brag bread by anonym. Every time I ftok to use this it says poor network connection.

You need to make it as nice and good as it is for the iPhone. I tried this app before on an iPhone. Honestly seems like its trying to steal info the way you type in your gmail user and password.

I was frustrated with this app at first but I was determined to figure it out. And it not is not smooth in connecting using google email id. You can change it. Voice chat is fine, but Vtok am vtok about the inability to video chat. It’s free vtok it basically works, so that deserves a vtok in my opinion, considering that you get to video chat, but it won’t access my front cam. Its quality is good but the problem is it consumes lots of mobile memory and power while running and hangs the system.


There is no interface on this app whatsoever.

More than a million users are using it on mobile or on touch pad. Make sure your google contacts are set up as ‘my contacts’. But since this is a beta app I hope it improves over the time. Then gtalk contacts can’t see your video icon anymore. This is unacceptably high battery use, there’s no reason for an vtok, even logged in, to use this much battery, when the phone vtok idle. Awsome idea and job. Vtok am still trying. Just too harsh on battery.

No contacts apear in my list!!!