The jingling of that necklace establishes the rhythm of a dance. Women wear black-red weaved skirts, adorned with small plisa a type of adornment , weaved decorated aprons, home-made linen skirts and small dark-red sleeveless embroidered jackets jelek. Desa Djordjevic Time length: All of them have opanak as footwear. The goal of the Association is to uphold authentic folklore tradition and culture through dances, songs, and folk costumes. Music and dance have a very important role.

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Men have slightly different type of shirts and vests, black trousers made of heavy cloth and embroidered cap, called krmez.

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This is choreography which preserved authenticity and satisfy all stage requirements. Music and dance have a very important role. The skiers on Jahorina have more than 25 km of nicely kept pists for Alpine skiing, which are connected with ski — lifts. Women wear weaved skirts futecolorful aprons, white embroidered dresses, vlasinka kolo jelek and white kerchiefs around their heads. Traditional Serbian peasant clothing.

The important remark is that during vlasinka kolo kolo, observer can koll notice discord between dance and vocal background. Many rituals from Leskovac area were preserved.

Original costumes of the Eastern Serbia, richly decorated.

European Festival of Serbian Folklore, Pale Women wear black plush skirts, white blouses and highly decorated libada embroidered with gold vlasinoapafta around waist and tepeluk on the head. There are a number of varieties in the performance. All of them have opanak as footwear.


Pelagoniski Merak -Zirovnica vo

Mladen Krsman Time vlasinka kolo Its main features are fast syncope-steps, comical and theatrical moves, and occasionally, vocal background and rivalry of the dancers during dance.

There are open and closed kolo dance in this choreography and a lot of songs with the humorous lines. The Vlachs are one of a few nations in the world who have ko,o language, but not an alphabet. Vlasinka kolo are only a few regions which have vvlasinka high tempo and speed in folk dance as the Eastern Serbia.

Pelagoniski Merak -Zirovnica vo zivo.VOB

That type of folk dance is a challenge vlasinka kolo a choreographer, and it is very attractive. Some dances vlasimka performed equally in the rural and urban areas. On their feet they wear red socks and characteristic type of leather peasant shoes opanak. Vlasinka kolo is given by sound of steps vlasinka kolo the jingling of the necklaces. There are several types of these characteristic dances, better known as kolo, in this choreography, — Osmerac, Sarano, Poskakusa, Cuca, etc.

Tekla voda na valove, Kalopere- pere, Kiceno, vlasinka kolo nebo zvijezdama, Oj djevojko, etc. The folk dance has musical background, and it is very temperament and attractive.


Women wear home-made linen shirts that shirt is from neck to ankles longdark-blue short-sleeved or sleeveless jacket made of heavy cloth and embroidered on the back sadak or zobunmassive necklace on their breasts, usually made of large silver or gold coins gerdan or zveke.

Modern tourist objects offer a completly pleasure to their guests. Sogs are Mala basta …. Stani rado, bela rado is a mix of dances, songs and harvest customs from Leskovacko Pomoravlje area. All of them have the same footwear — characteristic type of leather peasant shoes opanci koko, fastened with strings. The men dance is dominant. In the recent time, when there are more brass bands vlasiinka background, the tempo is slightly higher.

Nowaday it gathers more than members and it is divided in few sections: The vlasinka kolo of these dances are: Both women and men costumes are original regional peasant clothing of the significant ethno value. Women wear dzecerma home-made relief linen shirtscurdia richly embroidered vests and long white dresses.