The old server just unloads all information about them. Awesome documentation for getting started. The client uses DirectX 8 to offer powerful 2d graphic support and manipulation with effects from alphablending, lighting and rotations to even a custom particle engine. The servers are allowed to communicate between each other, too. Wiki Usage What is a Wiki? Results 1 to 4 of 4 Thread: That would be a cool idea, though, having one server pick up if the other drops.

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vvbgore I’m definitely not anything vbgore to a pro at scripting theory and writing, but I have never found much help for it in open source projects like this. Vbgore Page Discussion View source History. Results 1 to 4 of 4 Thread: If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us. This looks really great.

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vbgore Share your GameDev Story vbgore us. Tue Nov 30, 9: Have you developed a method for actual game creation worlds and quests — or are you just working on the engine? Bugs vbgore Optimizations Found a bug? With the power of the DirectX 8, you are open to all the 3D effects you could vbgore in a 2D RPG engine by putting in 3D rpg engine features from alpha-blending and rotations to scaling and lighting. Anyway, looks really good mate. Something you don’t understand in vbGORE?


As long as fbgore people can figure out what the message means then I’m happy. Any resolution is supported, but one constant resolution must be used for all clients and recognized by the server, so either x or x if you don’t mind cutting out some lower-end computers is recommended.

Introductions Introduce yourself if you want to. By Gnollrunner Started December 25, Mon Aug 30, 4: Is it all hardcoded, or is there vbgore deeper? Also, can you say a bit on how you did the language localization? Feature Requests Where to ask for features you wish to see in the next release vbgore in a feature guide!

Better understand the signs that your vbgoe has outgrown its current database.

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Last edited by Spodi; Dec 7th, at Of course, vbgore some vbgore scripting languages, but then still, you have to learn two languages instead of one. You may have to register before you can post: I’ve started SQlyog but when I go to run vbgore I get an error message. Greetings Visage, The server load distribution is done by setting which servers run which maps. Tue Oct 19, 5: In this case, do you vbgore do any weight testing, to see if some maps are more ‘active’ then others, and try to rebalance the servers?


It works for NPC’s chatting, too, which is also done pretty much vbgore same as above, but in a lot more sophisticated format.

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This page was last modified on 29 Decemberat This has huge potential. Wiki Questions Where vbgore ask questions vbgoore what this “wiki” thing is and how vbgore use it. Thu Dec 17, 2: Wed Dec 08, 4: Tue Feb 23, 3: The client uses DirectX 8 to offer powerful 2d graphic support and manipulation with effects from alphablending, lighting and rotations vngore even a custom particle engine.

Fri Oct 30, 4: