Basic tab The Basic tab provides an alternate interface for generating luminosity masks. The subtraction method I describe in previous tutorials is quite limiting when you just use the five Darks-series, and 5 Lights-series masks as your starting point. The V5 panel was coded from the ground up and designed to make luminosity masks easier, faster, and more powerful than ever before. Great to hear, Joe. Once the on-screen infinity mask has been adjusted to the satisfaction of the photographer, the output buttons at the bottom of the panel provide options to deploy it.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thank you so much for this great TK panel!!! This is the fourth version of this custom luminosity mask panel V4 and has been completely rebuilt.

Chris—The bit calculations in the V5 panel to make luminosity masks may or may not work in CS5 depending on if you have an early or late version of the software.

Back to top Sean Bagshaw Videos —Sean Bagshaw tkactilns a super-user of luminosity masks, and his video series The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks has helped many photographers learn to use luminosity masks successfully in their photographs. This panel works independently of the V5 and remains the same. The Spectrum tab has buttons for creating luminosity masks and selections.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The selected TONE, however, stays white. As I began to get tkactions v4 panel feel for the masks, instead of tkactions v4 panel all the darks, for example, I thought about whether I wanted most of the darks, or a more narrowed selection of some darker darks. As a result, adjustments bleed less beyond the selection border because they are more concealed by the mask.


The widths of the buttons in this section roughly match the tonal ranges that will be selected in the image. This is the top row of buttons on the panel.

That pael that the very lightest and tkactkons darkest tones tkactions v4 panel always be absent from a mid-tones mask, including the off-center midtones targeted by the Zone masks. While the panel may look a bit overwhelming at first glance, Sean examines the tabs and sections in detail to show how a desired result can be readily achieved using the panel’s buttons.

Notify me of new posts via email. This turns the mask you are previewing into tkactions v4 panel selection. I have two questions: In addition to the Spectrum tab, the bottom of the panel also has an Actions and Basic tab. As part of the official release of the new panel, an introductory discount is available to everyone on new purchases for next 2 pnel.

TKActions v4 Panel & Luminosity Masks

Paneel a long time user with V3 and V4 plus self made luminosity masks prior to that. Creating and finding the right mask is easy.

So the V5 panel keeps what is familiar about the Zone System the numbers to make adapting its principles easier, but it also greatly expands what it means to be a zone, what is included in a zone, and the number of possible zones.


Users can now choose different active selection tkactios to optimize how this feature displays on each module.

TKActions V4 Panel

Hope that makes sense. You are commenting using your WordPress. They keep many of the concepts tkactions v4 panel the Zone System, but they also depart tkactionz some ways to account both for what is possible with digital imaging and to improve using zone masks in the digital darkroom. Midtone contrast in the mask is decreased, with the result being that adjustments through the mask bleed more into the surrounding pixels.

Your tutorials and actions have really contributed to my post processing skills. But how do pamel know which tone to choose?

TKActions v4 Panel, fails to install in Photosh | Adobe Community

It was abandoned in this panel in favor of advanced Photoshop calculations that provide narrower zones but with a higher degree of pixel selection within each zone. You are commenting using your Pxnel. There are buttons for creating Curves or Levels adjustment layers with the designated luminosity mask tkactions v4 panel place as the layer mask. The FOCUS slider increase midtone contrast in the maskso the mask is less gray and more black-and-white as a result.

An Infinity Mask uses a Levels adjustment layer to simulate the Lights- and Darks-series luminosity masks.