Telecast History The show was initially hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor. Dancers perform a small dance. Sivakarthikeyan Ma Ka Pa Anand present. The show celebrated its th episode on 21 April and was highlighted by inviting its Round 2 comedians as guests. The third round is called Maathi Yosi English: This round is arguably the USP of the show. Robo shankar dance in kings of dance Ink Pen Year ago.

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Shankar, Vadivel Balaji, Sethu

Behindwoods Gold Medals siricha pochu robo shankar minutes of fun with no songs and no Now, the participant provides a related answer to the host’s questions, but in Tamil. Arunpandian Malaipandy Siricha pochu robo shankar ago. How to send large files on The show was slricha hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor. Ma Ka Pa Anand has been anchoring the show ever since. Like,share and subscribe our channel for more videos The first round is called Group la Dupe English: Famous Robo shankar, a mimicry artist from Vijay TV Athu ithu yethu show, is acted as fight assistant in old movie ‘Karka Kasadara’ I have heard many people saying he is lucky to become famous and The participants are instructed to only look at the performance without covering their mouths.


After this, each professional gives a short performance relating to his profession e. Deduction siricua points is done on a cumulative basis here as well, depending on the time taken for the participant to become out.

Robo Shankar acts like sachin tendulkar Deepak raj 3 years ago.

Retrieved 27 August Sooria sukumaran 2 years ago. Dedicated To Saturday Shankra prem prem 3 years ago. After the performances, the participants are then given the option of changing their initial choice at a cost of a points. RoboShankar as vijaykanth Arun Kumar 4 years ago. During the performance, the participants lose points if they laugh or smile.


The second round is called Siricha Pochu English: List of Tamil language television shows. In this round, each participant is called in order of who pressed the buzzer first in the first round, Groupla Dupe, to have a conversation with the host, where the host asks questions to them. There are three people rpbo front of the participants, who are dressed as belonging to particular profession e. First, the participants are given 15 siricha pochu robo shankar to lock a guess as to who the impostor is.


The former four are especially considered expert comedians who excel in mimicry and are often able to make all three participants laugh in the episode.

He was considered one of the main highlights of the show and grew pochy popular with the youth demographic. Laugh, laugh and only laugh. The anchor will give them three clues.

Adhu Idhu Edhu

A special performance by Robo Shankar So, the first one gets three choices, the second two and the last one none. Robo Shankar guest performance for Kalakrithi ’13 Arun Raj 5 years ago.

The show is directed by Thomson who has earlier directed comedy shows such as Kalakapovathu Yaaru and Comedy Kings. The points are once again deducted in a cumulative fashion based on the order of participants who laughed.

Robo Shankar standup comedy Takkar Takkaru 2 years ago.