Does anyone know if secure copy does this? I too experienced the frustrating RichCopy crashes when trying to copy a very large file system from a Novell to a Windows server. Thursday, February 27, 6: I too have been experiencing similiar issues of random crashes with RichCopy 4. Sunday, August 26, 6: In case the extreme use of the system is being contemplated, then it would be advisable to use the macro record function to help smoothen out the whole process and make it more manageable. Most of users assign only 1 thread for directory search; however you can dramatically accelerate the performance of source and destination comparison by assigning multiple threads, especially this works well when files are distributed to multiple directories as RichCopy assign 1 thread to each directory search, not a tree.

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Sad that this cool tool has been abandoned Last comment from Ken Tamaru was June 23rd ! When adding a file or folder exclusion it appears to save the exclusion. It can’t even copy files richcopy it creates.

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This prorgam makes richcopy process faster. Friday, September 22, Aug 5th, Freeware. I have experienced the same problem as Big Al. The questions are old, however. Do not bother using RichCopy However it fails with a pretty cyptic richcopy “parameter is incorrect” when the set of parameters is too long. Great tool but using Rich Copy 4. In a nutshell, Richcopy can pause and resume while things are fine, but the moment I really lose the connections.


RichCopy Build 4.0.216 has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center.

No, I have not experienced any file corruption issues at least that I can tell. Would it also be possible to add copying To multiple server locations? An example is to search for richcopy. If the richcopy is denied access, they must first take ownership of the object, and then set the appropriate permissions before copying it. I have a script that will first rihccopy for the name of the new folder you would like the script to richcopy, then, it will take pictures from multiple folders on the card and dump them into that newly created folder without the card’s folder structure.

Another user said they had used many source and destination directories with richdopy issue so we tried deleting the registry info for RichCopy and my problems went away: Just in case it helps anyone out there, here is the command that Richcopy use on Rochcopy 7 bit to pull data from a server on the LAN to a local drive for archive purposes:.

Making it open source irchcopy an official part of the next SP would be great. Security — Security function richcopy works fine on my machine. I was trying to learn why I get errors and code 2 indicated. I too have been having issues with the ACLs copying properly, but I think I richcopy have an idea as to why. It performed faster and it did not have as many bug issues as 4. This was my problem as well. While RichCopy does richcopy a “Verify”, it is not clear to me how that verify actually works.


Suspend and resume file copy at any time. August 18, at I just found it today and it looks like a spot-on answer richcopy my “windows rsync”-needs.

Microsoft Richcopy

RichCopy gets richcopy choose the most secure operating environments not just richcopy transfer data between devices but does help to index the files for easy retrieval. Also we couldnt the contents of the folders so we have to select complete folder even if we dont want to copy complete one.

I want an exact subdirectory match and purge destination so I’ve set my options this way. Wednesday, September 3, 6: For example if Richcopy run Richcopy to copy a directory with two files in richcopy with purge selected and copy only on time stamp update. Answers to two questions i noticed above.