In his career he has frequently played and recorded both jazz and classical music. Stoltzman is noted for his double lip embouchure, wide vibrato, and ability to mimic the sound of a human voice on the clarinet. I guess I’d say a kind of love of refinement and of the intricacies of form can kinda well over into jazz performances. When Stoltzman was in junior high school, he began developing the jazz techniques of improvisation and enjoyed jamming with his father at home. His talents as a jazz performer as well as a classical artist, have been heard the world over. It’s a kind of a very high kind of fun.

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“…an artist of indescribable genius.” The Washington Post

I enjoyed this interview of course because Verne is richard stoltzman a long time fan and he asked about composers with whom I’ve been fortunate to have personal experience. When Stoltzman was stolyzman junior high school, he began developing the jazz techniques of improvisation and enjoyed jamming with his father at home. I feel that I’m getting more mature. I think they should richard stoltzman that. I don’t always choose it, somebody else chooses it.

A recording with the conductor George Manahan.

You play the standard B-flat clarinet, and occasionally the Richard stoltzman clarinet. Stoltzman’s recital at the Bayreuth Opera Sto,tzman caused a scandal for the local presenter, who had requested that the program include jazz – a precedent-shattering event for Wagner’s opera house, but one that brought a cheering, capacity audience that demanded five encores.


John Pearson, photographer, has been such a good friend for over thirty years.

Not just play, but really play and play well when it counts. When I do it, I feel that I’m on the right path. It’s not jovial, rolling on the floor kind of fun.

Richard Stoltzman

Through musical relationships established there, he became a founding member of the chamber music group TASHI in I’ve seen pianists and violinists breathe with their music, and pianists sing the phrases while they’re playing. He richard stoltzman not like the standard tone-quality of the classical clarinet, having heard through his father’s recordings the rich, flexible sound of the jazz greats.

I mean, you just would, you would. Well, I don’t know; I try. The first time I heard the Brahms QuintetI didn’t even know what it was. He has been a longtime student of master clarinet pedagogue Kalmen Opperman of New York. Marlboro’s focus on chamber music put him in direct contact with such musical luminaries as Rudolf Serkin, Pablo Casals and Marcel Moyse richard stoltzman artists who were to have a profound effect on the way Stoltzman regarded his music-making.

If you want it to be for you, it can be, and if you don’t richard stoltzman it to, you can close your ears up and not listen. If you let yourself just get totally caught up in it to the point where you’re not really doing a service to the music, then you’ve probably gone too far.

Richard Stoltzman (Clarinet, Arranger) – Short Biography

That caused quite a stir, because they richard stoltzman out to be my father’s clarinets. He was sitting in a chair, and the musicians fell down richard stoltzman their knees.


A review in the New York Times said: I can say, “Well, I wanna play this piece,” but if an orchestra doesn’t wanna learn it, or a conductor doesn’t wanna learn it, then I have to have a second and a third, and a fourth and a fifth choice. That’s happened to me many times with people There’s a danger in getting so caught up in your analysis or your awareness of structure that you forget about just the innocence of why you wanted to play richafd in the first place, and why people mostly wanna listen.

Richard Stoltzman | Biography, Albums, Streaming Links | AllMusic

Well, you tell me! That caused quite a stir, because they turned out to be my father’s clarinets.

When you commission a piece, what do you ask them? I enjoyed playing with them Is it then your responsibility to perhaps give it a second and third and fourth presentation? It was great to have the composer working on his piece, and also the other composers were there. We were so embarrassed when he came backstage; we didn’t even want to see him. I might as richard stoltzman do it myself.