Display banner slider for category pages individually. Still waiting on support. Upgrade to new classipress Spam Trap leave blank. Hi kitilya, If possible we will declare and give updated withing week.

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Aug 1, at 8: Mar 10, at 7: You can use all features of WooCommerce by wooThemes. Classy not showing ads by spartac.

Responsive LabZip Basic WordPress template by Your Name Here

As of February 24,some Marketplace items no longer provide support in the forums. Rename sections Overview to I have posted here: Notify me of follow-up comments by email or subscribe without commenting. Let me know if you need any help.

HI there, We have check the blog and it was problem with image. Then gesponsive you can follow the documents to translate ClassiRemix in your local language Translate Tutorial by Appthemes.


Unable to download eva child Social share buttons on single pages. You need to add below css Class at very last line to file:: You should get download the WooCommerce Plugin from http: Our team checked the theme and you need to add below line in functions. May 1, at 4: How to remove the submit As we are busy with some custom projects with clients.

Responsive LabZip WordPress ecommerce theme

Will there be ever an update Apr 18, at Banner slider is fully responsive. We have uploaded the ClassiPress 3. Want to get rid of these lines. Support for the Headline Marketplace ClassiPress child theme by tinygiantstudios.

This is too confusing for users. Try to change color home Coups theme not loading css. Log out and back in to enable labzzip.

Responsive LabZip WordPress ecommerce theme by LabZip

Make site more attractive. I am just looking for basic integration — nothing too fancy — just something to get the wooCommerce pages to work and be responsive when used with the default vantage theme. Where script form en-queue in Still waiting on support.


Create full width listing by Forum Marketplace Forums Child Themes. Apr 10, at 1: