You have responded to the elephant “kari” Gajendra’s call and granted him a boon “varadaa”. Thanks a lot in advance. Come “raa” , O the one who destroyed “hara” the demon Mura “mura”! Can not think of a replacement for the second ‘tA’. O, the one with big “saara” eyes “aaksha” , what “emi” offenses “nera” have I committed? Though I was tempted to write as ‘kamsanaiyum udaittavan or kavizhttavan nI.

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I had an idea for searching for this, I rara venu gopala so confident about my hunch I was persistent and it paid off. Searched for it using different terms and finally hit up on this. Note From Ravi Kiran’s Book: This ,I had composed as soon as I saw the request. Rrara come “raara”Lord Venugopala Krishnaembodiment “sheela” of adorable “raajitha” and victorious “jaya” qualities “sadguna”. They have been composed in the 3rd speed, and generally have a pallavi and a few Charanams.

Though I was tempted to write as rata udaittavan or kavizhttavan nI.

If it happens to be the Tamil translation of the original, it is fine. The search string that brought this up right at the top was “christian carnatic music learn swarajathi”.


Please listen to my repeated calls “mari mari naa adharamugro” protect me quickly “larakani karamuga”! I assume it is kAttaruL with rara venu gopala r between A and t. Suddenly I seem to have forgotten some lines of the original. But why don’t you respond “palukavu” to me “nalugakuraa”?

Any Tamil song set to exactly the same swaras as for “rara venu gopa bala” is all I am looking for. Have I made a mistake somewhere else in this stanza?

I remember a little which is as follows. Hello poets, please consider that. Come “raa”O the one who held the mountain Govardhana “nagadara”! Some swarajatis also have an anupallavi incorporated in them.

Swarajatis are more sophisticated musical forms than geethams, both in rara venu gopala of size and gopxla. Here is my attempt:. Dont leave “chekoraa” this “ee” devotee darayour delicate “sogasini” child “lalalanu” alone! Now, we need someone to sing it and share it with us.

Raaravenu (swarajati)

You have responded to the elephant “kari” Gajendra’s call and granted him a boon “varadaa”. Trying to get it. The pAttu rara venu gopala sings very well. I think vAli has written the lyrics for Raravenu gopabAla. You come here “vindu raaraa” with a free mind and spread cheer “Keduruga Gadiyara”.


My first thought when I saw your post is to suggest to the tamil poets of the forum Arasi, PB, Punarvasu, CML, Ganeshkant and others to come up with lyrics for this tune.


Sometimes one’s memory plays truant. I have nowhere else to go. But, it doesn’t have to be. But now that rar cat is out of the bag, here is a link to the song. O, the one with big “saara” eyes “aaksha”what “emi” offenses “nera” have I committed?

I cannot bear “korvalera” the onslaught of Cupid “maarubaari”the god of Love. Thank you, VK, for getting the ball rolling.