While I consider ‘ 13th Star’ to be his best solo album as of ,the suite ‘Plague of Ghosts’ is widely considered to be the best solo piece of work Fish has done. Written and recorded with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson on guitars, there’s a hard edge to the sound, which may explain the album’s and subsequent tour’s relative flop at the time. Now, the epic “Plague Of Ghosts”. Other sites in the MAC network: I would love to rate this album with seven out of ten but three stars is my rate.

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Years after I lost interest on Fish and his musical development I got this album for less money on a second hand market nice, how much pearls are there to find. Waving at Stars continues this atmospheric feel with some very electronic sounding drums zzippos some hammered out acoustic guitar chords. It is the sort of songwriting and delivery for which he rightly gained praise when with Marillion, the ability to make intelligent and accessible ballads. It’s a pity Fish has done something like this only once, this is the road he should have taken all along his solo career, then he would have won another zipoos with me.

Because they raingods with zippos often not have the ability to play a musical instrument, they feel their voice has to be constantly heard, for it to be their album.

Forum user Forum password. Wake-Up Call Make it Happen is the conclusion to this stunning epic.

Raingods With Zippos – The Remasters: Deluxe Edition – Fish Store

It’s one of the best pieces on the album, with emotional vocals from Fish as well as some melodic violins to give the song a raingods with zippos moody edge. A great opener to the album with a strong chorus. Having raingods with zippos this, it does not mean that this is a bad album at all, I am just saying it that it’s weaker than its predecessor. The piece as a whole remains vocally intensive, although Fish does use the extra space available to develop the various themes further.


With “Raingods with zippos” though, Fish seems to be prepared to make much more of a band album, and the result was probably his most progressive album yet.

Fish Store

The ending part with piano an string orchestration is really great! Four stars, but, in truth, four and a raingodw. The big man and his exclusive emotional style is back again with brio. Things take a darker turn lyrically with a very brooding ballad, Incomplete. Raingods With Zippos by Fish Snapper.

Raingods with Zippos – FISH

Zippls whole album, though, leads up to, and is defined by, the epic six parter, Plague Of Ghosts. Plague of Ghosts is a behemoth 25 minute epic although indexed into individual parts on the album itself that makes up for the last part of the album. After ‘sunsets on empire’ I was expecting much when I bought ‘raingods raingods with zippos zippos’.

In the former category, Fish takes us on the first side through a diverse set of art raingods with zippos songs which include a brilliant cover wih The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s track Faith Healer, in a version which I’m inclined to say is better than the original. Tinged with Celtic influences, this love song is a highlight of the album without doubt. Opener ‘Tumbledown’ opens with a piano before the band come in, this is solid, bright and uplifting.

In his thank you credits, Fish speaks in adoring terms of his then wife, saying that “we are now back on course”.



Porcupine Tree’s Steve Wilson is brought in as occasional guitarist, joined by an impressive array of competent musicians who ensure that performance wise the album cannot be faulted. A nice track which ponders on love and society lost.

Raingods With Zippos is wiyh food, but far from essential release that will probably make the already established fan-base happy but I doubt that it will introduce any new fans to Fish and his body of work. Peace on earth and mercy mild – Raingods with zippos. Overall, you might say this is weaker than its predecessor. But the crown jewel of the album is A Plague of Ghosts, the sidelong track. This track I usually selected for a program raingods with zippos local FM radio.

I also like “Tilted Cross” a Folk song with acoustic guitar and violin. Frank Usher is no longer here with this album. After another ambient transition part “Waving At Stars” towards “Raingod’s Dancing” which features a nice melody and raingods with zippos superb guitar solo there are very little instrumental solo available on Fish’s album to highlight this. Rites of Passage 7: Unfortunately the music is quite boring for my ears. However, raingods with zippos is a testament to his staying power as an artist and his own dogged determination that he was able to come back so strongly, and set in train a nice run of very good LPs and increased success, both in the studio and live, health problems permitting.