Just in the nick of time, he manages to keep the teen boy from jumping off the school roof, and takes him home, only to discover his mom is dead – and has been for ten days! Hyppolite gets hold of video surveillance tapes that show the killer disguised as a terrifying clown – a mask become popular through an ad campaign of viral films on the Internet featuring clowns attacking people passing by. Chloe and Rocher are able to follow Adele and help her in her quest to find out what happened to her sister. The team investigates the violent murder of a lawyer. If your company is not registered with us yet, click here to fill in a form. And what could be behind the recent relationship the victim had with a woman, which he hid from all of his friends?

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Goodbyes — 1 A man shows up at police headquarters claiming to be Chloe’s husband.

Over the last few weeks, several violent attacks have been committed by the same clown. Login X Login Password. You may also like: He who more than a year later, still couldn’t get over the accidental death of his wife Add to my selection Share.

Profilage S1 E#1 – 0 Available subtitles – english | opensubtitles.

Or could someone be using the campaign to unleash his sadistic tendencies? Could one of the actors hired for the ads have gone crazy? When the team gets clued in to the possibility of a d01e01 attack at a Halloween party to be held at the City Hall of a Parisian suburb, our heroes get decked out in their best costumes to track down the killer clown. Emma prfoilage outraged by profilage s01e01 extreme violence upon an elderly person, but when Adele visits the victim’s house, she finds several telephoto lenses aimed at her neighbors’ homes and porfilage of profilage s01e01 copies of anonymous letters of denunciation.


For Profilage s01e01, the case becomes a highly personal matter when he learns that the victim encouraged the family of his son’s girlfriend Agathe to move to a village in Yonne where his son Lucas has just passed a week of vacation.

When a news report points out unresolved aspects of the investigation into the disappearance and sequestering of Adele and profilagee twin sister, Chloe d01e01 Rocher’s profilage s01e01 to help the young criminologist prkfilage new leads and save her sister from her tormentor’s grasp. A maverick, fun-loving lawyer! The Snitch The team’s latest assignment is the death of an old lady hit by a car.

Elikia’s visit is no accident: The investigation takes an unexpected turn when Hyppolite learns that the homeless man profilage s01e01 an archeologist who, 20 years earlier, discovered the tomb of an Egyptian queen who prophesied snakebites for those who would desecrate her tomb.

Goodbyes — 2 While Chloe thinks over Elikia’s New York job offer, Adele is finally reunited with her twin sister Camille after ten years of separation.

Profilage Season 1 – All subtitles for this TV Series Season –

Munch – Season 1 Munch: Lamarck gets our investigators on the case to go after the missing information, backed by court order. Meanwhile, Camille, who has taken on her identity, is enjoying destroying her profilage s01e01 entire life.

A sect that drugs kids and forces them to shoot their parents. The team investigates the violent murder of a lawyer.

Profilage, Season 1

Could her own son have possibly killed her? Once her duel with the force of Evil is done, Chloe will have to make one of the most profilage s01e01 decisions of her life. The Mummy The team discovers the body of a homeless man in the woods west of Paris, dead after scraping three letters into the ground with his fingernails. Touched by his fragile nature, Adele refuses to suspect him of murdering his mom She is, in profilage s01e01, married to this brilliant New York psychiatric researcher, Elikia Massamba.


As the officer on duty is about to swiftly usher him out, Chloe rushes in, apologetic While Adele has a hard time leaving Ulysse at daycare, for fear he’ll be kidnapped by Argos, Emma figures out how to prove to Hyppolite that they may be more than just stepfather and stepdaughter.

Despite the scepticism they have about the medium’s claims, our investigators identify the person, who has been missing several days. A sad case that wouldn’t have required police investigation if the doctor hadn’t noticed that the victim had also been poisoned profilage s01e01 stabbed three times. A sect that won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone and everyone who gets in the way. But the sister she used to know has been traumatized by years of being sequestered, and hardly dares take a step or pronounce a word without her sister’s approval.

But Adele unexpectedly gets involved and reveals the profilage s01e01 resemblance Nina’s disappearance bears to the drama suffered 30 years earlier by Cecile and her friend Angele, described in Cecile’s novel. Though she can’t profilage s01e01 their wounds, Adele can review the facts of the case at hand.

An especially intense case that will unite the minds of two brilliant criminologists and forever change the lives of everyone on the team. Did the psychic come to report his visions in good faith, or is he actually guilty of the crime?