Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Wow, thanks — it looks like this actually worked for me! The version your trying to get installed is very old. Email Required, but never shown. I have it working using XP mode, but it would be simpler to deploy if I could get it to work without using XP mode.

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Free oracle jinitiator Download – oracle jinitiator for Windows

Actually, when I type something, I have to move the window to force Windows to refresh the graphic content and then I can see fod text typed. End Update I have a client using with the following setup: There is a way to fix that issue, I wrote it as a separate blog post on my site.

I think that the oajinit. I fixed the repainting issues and the problems with the theme changer. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I install jinitiator manually and the last java plug in. I did something similar in my previous company with a citrix. One other thought, is there any way to put this winddows. I have a problem with jinitiator 1.


Application which is using Oracle JInitiator is working very slow

I also changed intel graphic settings power plan to maximum performance. The repainting of the screen is cause by the version of oracle forms, because it just isnt designed to be ran on Windows 7. Therefore there is not much that you can do. Also, as I have no Oracle support, I also have no access to any metalink articles that would explain how to do the upgrade.

So normally I would click the desired Oracle link in the browser, then there;s a popup window which starts an applet right? Hello I am using jinitiator 1. More 1 Video Converter 5.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. ION Can be used to swap out and use Jinitiator 1. This program is very easy to use. The above will clean your machine, as oracle jinitiator for windows 7 many Java installation can sometime cause you these kind of issues. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here!

Please type your message and try again. Sadly I do not know how to do oraacle. Descriptions containing oracle jinitiator 1. I am thinking of compiling a 32bit jjnitiator of jinitiator and replacing files in the 64bit.


Can you please help me on this.

oracle jinitiator

It still gets hits a day on this topic. Netscape Navigator works well with Oracle JInitiator 1. Java archive is here. Thanks for the information anyway. Ivor 28 2 I made my oracle forms aplications works on windows 7 thanks to all the tips.

Hi Raymond, thanks for the reply, I tried that, but then an error appears of orscle I did not make a not off…so I set the original version back… I think the error appeared when starting an applet.

However it stops working after the first time. Would any of you gentle folk be able to help me?

Also os the a way to change home variable this app iuses?