Morse would try to nail his own musical theses. This time, he’s got Heaven in my Heart is a beautiful ballad in true Morse style with emotional depth about his pure faith in God. Don’t know why I never checked this guy discography and a big friend of mine insisted me by years to do it. But this album contains before anything else, everything a progressive fan looks for: And how could it not be?

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Given that this is Morse’s fourth arguably fifth perfect or near-perfect “concept” album in a row, one gets the feeling that he will never write a bad album – and, indeed, that he will continue to be in the front of the pack in creating prog to be proud of, to own, and to enjoy. Portnoy on drums is at his best as usual, but it is Morse’s vocal performance that gives this a majestic quality outside the realm of the type of material he was doing with Transatlantic or for that matter Spock’s Beard.

But I might have liked it even less without the Technicolor bombast and pomposity, a saving neal morse sola scriptura when applied like gaudy wallpaper over the album’s obvious thematic shortcomings.

Sola Scriptura (album) – Wikipedia

And fortunately the trio of main players is on more comfortable ground, albeit trying a little too hard, as always. Afterwards, while he did not end up being very creative and progressive in his solo career, all of sfriptura solo albums excuding the worship CDs were mature, sophisticated, and professionally done, nal plenty of hooks, melodies, and heartfelt vocals and lyrics always based on some christian theme, whether him accepting God, the relationship of Humanity and God, The tabarnacle, and now the controversial figure Martin Luther.


No, it’s not some insane technical death metal riff, but neither is it a slow lap steel guitar solo. This helps neal morse sola scriptura lot to make the album’s message more acceptable for me as a confirmed atheist and secular humanist. The use of flamenco acoustic guitar work and keyboard helps elevate the music textures.

Other sites in the MAC network: Heaven in my Heart 5: As far as Morse praise songs, Heaven in My Heart is one of the better, and not quite as cliche as others, but don’t expect much sccriptura here. I think the album would be better if this track had neal morse sola scriptura left off entirely.

Everything moves smoothly and swiftly from one style to another. But he was able to avoid that ethical roadblock scripura simplifying the facts to fit his own rosy superstitions, and expressing them in nsal more consistent with Dr. The story is about Luter and his issues with the Church during the Reform. While not being totally vague, it does not reach the solemn and subtle profoundness of the classic symphonic prog works, nor is particularly original.

Said so, Sola Scriptura is not scrlptura collection of religious hymns.

Mosre course, the melodies and piano work is nice and pleasant, as are the string quartet work. I highly recommend this album. The impressive record for me is that you can hear sounds of mell It is neal morse sola scriptura rockin guitar with blues taste. Fist with Testimony, then with One, then with? The two epics “The Door” and “The Conflict” are heavy, coplex, yet melodic with great personal lyrics even though it is a concept album on the life of an old dead dude Martin Luther.


When he heard Spock’s Beard I do not recall hearing something similar. The music is so powerful because it varies from one segment moese another without distorting transition pieces. Latest members reviews This is without any doubt a true masterpiece and one of my absolute favorite albums in the contemporary “symphonic prog” genre.

NEAL MORSE Sola Scriptura reviews

This is definitely an Excellent addition to any prog music collection. Absolute great from first to mrse second. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in the last decade. The first piece of introduction is very critical to sell the music in the mind of the listeners.

Usually I got problem with harmonies for Spocks Beard music during Neal era.

Sola Scriptura

It is really the prog fan’s wet dream: This song includes many moods This makes it neal morse sola scriptura under all the aspects. And clearly worth checking out. The result is a highly technical, melodic, accessible, and dynamic work of art that brings Martin Luther’s actions to life with rock, pop, soft rock, heavy metal, prog, blues, gospel, latin, classical, jazz, and any other genre I might have forgotten.