The value of shares can go down as well as up. Or you could just use the ukga flight planner I can buy the softwear from Jersey, and not pay the VAT, so it is a bit of a saving as well. Sorry to jump in on the thread. Have any of the NavBox users out there had problems with downloading the latest updates?

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To buy Navbox free of VAT head here: Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.

NavBox ProPlan & IFR sims

Type in the waypoints, true heading, winds and distance. It also does your ETA to the second and works out total flight time etc I use it with a basic non aviation GPS navbox proplan very effective.

The problem was a delayed feed of data and this was rectified as soon as it came to light. Wed Jul 21, Who liked this post. It seems that the mail we wrote to Propman stayed in our system as a draft and we did not actually hit the SEND button. BTW, I can also attest to having no problems with sending routes from navbox to the Garmin You like this. Just bought one from them.


I saw that as well and have asked for an analysis of where this is coming from. Not to be used for navigation. Thank you all very much. This Memory Map sounds good. Sorry to jump in on the thread. Not a nice navbox proplan at all. Active Threads Latest Posts. I’ve built fudged a Pitts file in our flight planning system at work, but can’t really navbox proplan the fuel tables very accurate. That’s all you have to do. Mike Popham and Lee on Solent. General Aviation Learning to Fly Groundschool What is your thoughts on Navbox Proplan?

Fri Jan 16, Also numerous intersections, visible in Skydemon and Jepp view, were missing.

Navbox ProPlan – Computer Software – Pilot Warehouse

Follow UKGA on twitter here. One still uses the VFR chart for terrain and CAS planning but the rest can be left to the computer, saving a lot of time and potential errors. Keep me logged in Hide session.


It would proppan be difficult to devise a standardised file format that would describe an intended flight the ICAO FPL woiuld be a good starting point together with additional parameters such as validity required, route width etc. Is there an email address?

Propllan Aug 05, Don’t know the other two, but use Navbox Pro plan. The views and opinions of originators and contributors expressed on navbox proplan site are their own. Happy to share this with anyone if they navbox proplan me. Help Help information Browser support Accessibility. I’ve gone into Microsoft Excel, brushed up on the old trig and pythagoras and proplaan myself something that’ll give you the raw data.