This is a Mad Scientist mod. It comes with a new texture on the bazooka which makes it look more real. I’ve gone for part realism, part coolness, and the weapon skins look pretty cool to my tastes but I still maintain a certain amount of realism I. Fourth version of Franklin’s German Soldiers skin pack including new pants textures and few changes to some skins. So i loved the Friday the 13th movies so i decided to make Jason. The skin’s textures aren’t that much different from the stock layout but the overall quality of the skin is not lowered by this! The player is equipped with a beret, glasses and few other items.

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Brutal’s Colt 45 skin Brutal Here is a nice looking new compass for you to try out. Very accurate, and great eye candy too.

This mod makes the avatars look a lot better. Includes one of the Germans allies – a Slovak mohaa skins. The sound was made from an actual Colt 45 shot.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault | Files | Skins | Game Front

The different skins provide suitable camouflage. ReCoil Sten Mark V. Theres eleven in all be sure too test them all out. Tried kohaa make this realistic looking as it could be. Fairly accurate portrayal of realism for WWII.


With nothing to live for he wonders mohaa skins empty streets in search of a purpose, and a reason to not to end his life.

This is a German conversion pack, it converts everything in order to make you feel like you’re fighting for the Germans against the Allies. He was Member of the Artillery. An allied skin mohaa skins tan pixel camo. This mod by Apocalypse is a collection of separate mods by independent authors, along with some skkins by this author. Frosty the Killer Snowman. Add addon and help us achieve our skin of showcasing the best content from all developers.

Here is a new crosshair for you to try out when using the shotgun, go check it out and see what you think. mohaa skins

Player Conversion

mkhaa British – Snow Helmet. This time he mohaa skins given the Bar a black camo look. A very nice axis scope. It comes with a new texture on the bazooka which makes it look more real. Install the pk3 into your MAIN folder. The long awaited release is awaiting no more!


This is a slins new realistic skin: This is a reskin of the sherman tank. Creator PoolMaster E mail poolmaster mohalliance. Very nice eye candy too.

Addons – Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Mod DB

Bush And Asoma Binladen. I added a couple of things to the older model and made it a bit bigger.

This is a nice allied bazooka mod. Let Battle Commence Mod 2.

Addons – Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

This file contains some new weapon skins from East, some of the weapons re-skinned are: Bugs Bunny – Axis. This is mohaa skins great Avator which has the UK Flag as skuns allies avator and then for the Axis avator it has the Italian flag.

BSG – Marine 5.