Learn how to capture demos and export them to video using this powerful tool. I respect the time spent on these movies, and good for them if some people appreciate them but it’s really not what i expect from a cs movie. Making fragmovies became really boring for me for the last 3 years. Share directly to my status. I mean, the point of all this is to show some frags so why do we need to add some crappy 3D effects and X Ray Dog as an automatic choice of intro music. I would rather tell the people to send their frag to flouchy for his upcoming movie ;D Yeah i have same taste as you: And thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself to this big community!

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What about little shotout at the end? I think the frags are the best, players also, but every second one FX.

Interview – French moviemaker FistOr |

The problem in my opinion with them is that they seem much more focus in making a movie full of advanced fx than making a real fragmovie. Server is running game example. Right now i won’t be able to give you some names but back in time i used to know some players and teams: FistOr femo mainly a french moviemaker. Okay that one need a “big” answer.


When did you start playing CS and why did you choose the way of moviemaker? D I think i’ll be hated by everyone of your website, but I really hate what this crew does.

Now let’s get to capturing. How can you describe your “Around the World”.

Mirv Demo Tool – Zooming

Get HLAE from here [advancedfx. That was the kind of team which was raped during eurocup tournaments i think ahah. You need to mirv demo tool set the frame rate in VirtualDub.

That’s a glitch with POV demos and as of now tlol isn’t any fix for that, unfortunately. I like to play but i’m not the kind of guy who wants to be that competitive in gaming, i like even more the “creative” aspect of gaming with fragmovies and e-sport events and tournaments with a media point of view.

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Mirv demo tool launch the game, you’ll need to configure the tool to run at your desired settings. Once you have downloaded tpol tool, launch it. Titus Entertainment Jul 6, 9: It is only visible to you.

Come to non-PG fistOr. Warnings Be aware of hard disk space requirements for long videos. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. JadeLightningDash Oct 25, 5: What you do in miv free time? If you wish to learn how to record demos, go to this guide. Restart in that game to connect. Using this tool, you can capture your in-game demos in the best quality, using various options.


If you believe your mirv demo tool has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. What do you deml about that “today” movies? It’s easy to chew through gigabytes as every game frame takes a lot of space.

MIRV Grenade (Classic)

And now that everything collapsed, french players don’t see the point of playing so much events if they can’t fight for an eswc slot. Learn how to drmo demos and export them to video using this powerful tool. Larren May 12, 6: It isnt much weeks ago when players were changing mirv demo tool like shoes. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.