The Today group brings to you all the interesting news from social, political and entertainment platforms, all on your Micromax A89 Ninja. Slower CPU has trouble in running graphics rich applications. The device run on the Android OS version 4. Micromax A65 Smarty 4. The Micromax A89 Ninja is a budget Android smartphone that first made an appearance on the company’s website in late-January, though the listing was without a price tag. The glossy back features a 3-megapixel-camera lens surrounded by a chrome ring, towards the top and a speaker grill near the bottom.

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Bluetooth enables you to wirelessly listen to music and calls using bluetooth headsets. The device run on the Android OS version 4. Following the latest fashion trends, your favourite fashion personalities and more made easy with this app.

Micromax Ninja A89 – Wikipedia

Android market not working giving in Micromax A89 Ninja Hi Friend, there is because of some reasons, Such as connection problem, or may be account problem. Detects motion as well as the orientation of a device horizontally or vertically.

Just get this app and enjoy. Given the Android version the device supports a number of useful and nijna apps, and a list of the top 25 apps is given below:.


This dual-SIM phone is one among Micromax’s wide range of low-priced Android phones, but is it worth picking over a similarly priced feature phone? Call quality was good.

Micromax A89 Ninja

The viewing angles looked good, and the under-sun visibility on the phone was decent, though we found the screen to be pretty reflective. Email your email ap;lication not be published.

The apps micromax ninja a89 application makes it possible for you to listen to wide range of global as well as local radio stations, podcasts etc. And then make a move to the option of ‘settings’ tab. Now choose the app of ‘Play store’ and then go for the option of ‘Clear cache’ tab. The phone also doesn’t support.

And then you not face any issue You can get directions to a place with the help of GPS. The glossy back features a 3-megapixel-camera lens surrounded by a chrome ring, towards the top and a speaker grill near the ninjja. It doesn’t come with Adobe Applicstion.

Download Free Today App. During mcromax use of the phone we noticed some minor lag, especially while playing games, but other than that, we’d nina our overall experience as above average. Just get the app and play getting all revengy!!


Display Size Below Average. Memory cards give your device more storage capacity. We did notice some lag while navigating through the menu, and while playing some games. The phone doesn’t feature a front facing camera.

Micromax Ninja A89

I hope you micromax ninja a89 application understood. Who Viewed This Also Viewed If still got any problem left ninjz go for the option of ‘Uninstall updates’ tab. It sports a 3. Read detailed Micromax Ninja review. Perhaps, Micromax could allow users to use the menu button exclusively as the app-switcher, on the lines of newer HTC phones. We did not encounter any crashes while working on the phone and multitasking was comfortable. The Ninja A89 sports a 3. Hope it is helpful to you