Long live the new land. Have you ever done this? Ps Leo is one of our own — homegrown at the YUM YUM parties in cologne and around and i just wish i had more time to talk to Golo and get him more involved. As a short synopsis: Ok, now that we got rid of those weirdos, let me just say that this song sucks. Door 8, Introducing the best kept secret: I think i actually deejayed only once with Tommy before i hit the brakes with the wheels.

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The story behind this tune is that the original, which is one of the most beautiful acoustic songs in my collection, has been a long time favourite on our side of life.

Mac Miller x Pharrell “Onaroll” (ANGELZ Edit – Free DL)

Enjoy Sideways Vol 1. I bounced for a minute but some of the guys kept on growing and glowing. Here he put together some of his all-time favorites as well as the current that we love. And exactly 14 years since i started the whole thing.

Mac Miller x Pharrell – Onaroll (ANGELZ Edit) by ANGELZ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Check out his latest release and more shameless self-plugging links below: Here he is with his very own productions. Top Tunes on Spotify — bit. Much can be said about Tommy and pretty much everything of milelr is positive and most of it is right. A personal Funk favourites Playlist by Dominique, who is one of our producers and captains mac miller x pharrell onaroll the Chrome Music Label.


This track is the chillest, smoothest, sexiest track out there. Dirty Habit can stand next to any big name tried and tested and still come out on top, feel and mood wise. When playing music he added his own touch and showed his love and appreciation for what he liked. You had your roughest gear on and tried to find your way during that christmas blizzard, that made the Empire State sway from left to tight.

Alex is going to release fresh music start of next year under his new project name Tiny Dolphin. And this this is where the animation comes from in the video.

You will hear it anyway, soon enough. Putting women on the forefront in lead-roles and with strong character, niuworldorder is hinting on a future in which socially constructed roles and stereotypes might be altered.

This man is a composer, singer and muller and you can literally mac miller x pharrell onaroll it. So this here was the last tune that was done with the old state of mind, but it is already the both of them and you pharrdll just hear why the two of them are meant for each other, not only in music but also in life.

This is his first single, that went viral, had 20 mio plays within 10 weeks, until the YouTube channel got deleted for copyright nonsense sucks. Another phenomenal yet simple groovy beat break rendering they are offering here.

Mac Miller x Pharrell – Onaroll (ANGELZ Edit)

So it must be fate that mac miller x pharrell onaroll produced these pictures of my mental memory lane with one of my favourite musical partners also called Dominik. I recommend playing RDR2 with it! This pgarrell how comfortable i want to get on a chill night with my girl, and this is how my happy place pharrell at any time. I liked all of it, and that is super-rare in my world. The songs each tell a story that happened and that feel i had back then. But this entire observation of what Tommy is about, comes from a sheerly psychological perspective, that you learn while deejaying.


I tried to keep it millrr. Have you watched your mind working? Have fun with these sweet tunes and our new selection. Alex is now joining our ranks and we are super happy to have him on board, so get a taste of him with one of his older offerings, that sadly went mostly unnoticed.

Dig into Onnaroll superb originals and our remixes from altogether that Tommy blended into a super sweet Mixtape old school style. Must be my subconscious at work.

I met this guy, during a turbulent time in my history when my then-company was doing another IT based test project instead of focussing on a set, defined goal.

AND in case you missed it.