General Comment Apparently, Demon Cleaner is a song about It cleans your body For instance, I Googled “I have a tooth obsession. A sort of pro-alcohol song The insane were healed by Exorcism. So I’d have this recurring dream where I’m getting my teeth pulled out and then I’d flash forward and I’d be in a giant mouth with these teeth bleeding everywhere.

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I used to dream about teeth all the time-I’ve had nightmares about them since I was a kid, like horrible night terrors.

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I didn’t write that song; Josh wrote ckeaner, and it meant something totally different to me. And I’d be cleaning these giant teeth while the blood was coming down and I’d be drowning in a sea of toothbrush foam and blood. Log in to add a tag. Flag TiE23 on October 19, I’ve got the demons in me I’ve got to flush them all away I feel the demons rage I must clean them all away Yeah yeah Inside Kyuss demon cleaner see more, Cobwebs in the way The magic cleaner will Shine his smile over me I am the demon Cleaner kyuss demon cleaner save the day Demom get the back one Important they’ll always stay If only one thing that you’ll know Impostors from the show, They’ll try to trick you into Normal treatment Oh don’t you listen to them say Shush them all away I am the demon cleaner Madman of Encino I am the the freedom bleeder Standing naked here to say I’m the only way Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.


Lyrics powered by LyricFind. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. A sort of pro-alcohol song We do not have any tags for Demon Cleaner lyrics.

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. General Comment Could this have anything to do with some jesus feelings?

Demon Cleaner

I’ve had everything cleanee to my teeth” and it got me the source. General Comment Apparently, Demon Cleaner is kyuss demon cleaner song about It’s from a magazine article in that some dude transcribed and scanned for a web forum in October Flag RingAnimated on July 15, So “Demon Cleaner” was this metaphor for, you know, you gotta keep yourself clean, you gotta keep yourself tight. General Comment Kyuss is a great, relatively underground band although they arent together anymore.

Demon Cleaner song meanings. Add your thoughts 32 Comments. Flag mclaughlincam on April 09, Just Google a sentence out of the quote he has and you should find the forum that has it I’m trying to avoid putting a URL here. The tooth thing could really be a metaphor for all things like fears and obsession.


By the way, this song rocks my socks. Flag GekkeHenkje on December 17, There was an error.

Demon Cleaner – Wikipedia

I think your on the right track, but I think the meaning lies more in the way that society is moving away kyuss demon cleaner the paranormal. Of course, there are many psychotropic plants and substances that are taken in rituals like this such as clenaerbut it’s just a thought. Lyrics submitted by SeasonSceaner by KyussLives.

General Comment it always reminds me of alcohol as a way to make the demons get away. Kyuss — Demon Cleaner. Why not add your own? Demon Cleaner is found on the album Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss [Compilation].