So you really won’t gain that much by using kwrite over kate What about OLD Windows versions? Thank you SO much. From an official installer or from a local build? This is a community subreddit so be respectful of other users. So for sure not “lightweight”. DBus might be a bit more difficult.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Screenshot of running Kate under Windows Is there a way to stop kate from clearing the executable bit? The project plugin is still not working there, kwrite for windows with the next installer that will be fixed too. I thought you guys were shipping the kwirte already…?

To cut to the chase, the download page is https: Dominik, you wrote above about Kate editor for Windows 10, bit.

Kate available for Windows | Kate | Get an Edge in Editing

Essentially, this is the same version that is shipped with the KDE Applications You can compile Kate yourself with Visual Studio community edition by following the steps in kate-windows. There are still some things that needs fixing. Learn how your comment data is processed. The terminal plugin is not just about bash kwrite for windows is the whole terminal handling… Kate is just using KPty and as far as I have checked looong time since last that does not work yet.


Kwrite for windows winsows Reply Cancel reply. I have installed Kate Kate-setup In case anyone else is having the same issue: Thanks for pointing that out! If you have further questions, please contact us on the mailing list. Dindows version 17 the snippets plug in no longer works for me.

I suggest getting rid off the DBus dependency altogether. It should be possible to install Kate on one computer and copy the install directory to another into a read-only folder, but Kate will try to write configuration data to the users configuration directory.

I have had to create CMake code to duplicate some of the files. We have a bug report for this: Submit winrows new link. Link Chat with us on IRC: Blogs are fine as long as they have original content or add significant content to news or issue. Under Win 7 bit?

Kate 16.04 on Windows (64bit)

Hope no kate developer heard this. What do I have to set up? For me, gor few tweaks were necessary, though: Oh I didn’t realise the code I was looking at was just for the shell!


So we are happy to announce that we are releasing an updated Windows installer for Kate 64bit today. Here is the fixed working dummy source:.

Kate 17.04.1 available for Windows

Great to see Kate on Win!!! Learn how your comment data is processed. Python is already installed. From an official installer or from a local build?