It is a multi-dimensional reflection of the simple yet complex self, expressed through a single instrument, the Veena. Having a performance career spanning 3 decades, Jayanthi spends a good portion of her time sharing music with students at home and abroad, one on one and through her Master classes, workshops and lecture demonstrations to large audiences. Her passion for music and the veena, and her years of training and research have made her lecture demonstrations and workshops a wonderful learning experience for the listener. I feel North Indian audiences appreciate the veena a lot, people always come up to me and say we love your music. Jayanthi has travelled far and wide to promote Indian Music and culture, in India and abroad. The genius that Dr.

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She is the niece of legendary Violinist Sri. This is a phenomenon which jayantthi continued for so many years now.

Lalgudi Jayaraman during these concerts. Lalgudi Rajalakshmi, her mother, was her first teacher and she later underwent intense training from her maternal aunt, Smt. But in instrumental music, jayanthi kumaresh veena there are no lyrics, one can, and does make compositions. Her Great Guru, Smt. Researcher The Veena — so much mysticism surrounding this wonderful instrument which is believed to have existed since the Vedic times.

She has made multiple visits to Norway as part of an education series to demonstrate and explain Indian classical music in schools. She jayantih also cherished the experiences of performing with her mother Violin Maestro Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan and she also gave many solo recitals. The story is woven into the structure of the concert and unfolds itself in layers thereby making it a very rich experience for audiences at different levels.


Jayanthi started performing at the age of Blending the traditional and the innovative in her music in terms of content, technique, virtuosity and expression, Jayanthi seeks to express the true voice of the veena, which transcends the boundaries of language and region. jayanthi kumaresh veena

Jayanthi Kumaresh | Veena artiste

Of course, one can make out where a person has jayanthi kumaresh veena from. I wonder why the S araswati veena is held differently to the R udra veena? I feel North Indian audiences appreciate the veena a lot, people always come up to me and say we love your music.

Padmavathy Ananthagopalan, whose training helped Jayanthi evolve as an artiste. Jayanthi has collaborated and performed with several celebrated musicians including her husband violin kumaresb Shri.

Balachander was, he helped her discover the nuances and beauty of the veena without ever expecting her to follow his style. He was truly an artist — he used to play the sitar, the dilruba, he was a chess player too, made films, wrote — he was so artistic, he found expression through so many different mediums.

With music in her genes and music all around her, vsena Jayanthi took to playing the veena at the age jayanthi kumaresh veena 3.

Jayanthi Kumaresh

With Hindustani Rudra v eena, there is a superstition attached to the instrument that unless you lead a pure life, you will not be able to play this instrument, your life will be spoilt.

Finally, late in life he picked up the jayanthi kumaresh veena which fulfilled the artist in him in every way. How do you find the audiences? The rich tone of Veena is embellished by the gentle strokes on the Mridangam and earthy tones of the Ghatam.


Having played the veena from the age of 3, Jayanthi believed it was imperative to know more about its origin and evolution and set out on a research journey. Andhra veenas have a very sweet tone, earlier sometimes no mizrab was used, only the nails were used to pluck the wire.

Jayanthi Kumaresh – Wikipedia

As a result one single musical idea is either enhanced or modified by multiple interpretations given by the individual artistes on stage. Balachander during some of his concerts. Jayanthi has composed music for several dance productions and musicals.

Embellishing her playing techniques and exploring the horizons of a raga were more on the lesson plan than learning new compositions. The Veena — so much mysticism surrounding this wonderful instrument which is believed to have existed jayanthi kumaresh veena the Vedic times.

In collaboration with the ethnomusicology department of many U. With a doctorate in Veena Kumatesh is able to enunciate the theoretical, historical, etymological and practical aspects of the Veena and the art of Veena playing.

She is also blessed with a rare opportunity to learn Veena from the Veena Maestro, Sundaram Balachander jayanthi kumaresh veena perform with him as well.