In the present timeline, Rohit Mehta Jisshu Sengupta , a Gujarati born and brought up in Calcutta , falls in love with Mahamaya Swastika Mukherjee and tries to woo her. Discography Awards and nominations. The time frame of the storyline jumps between two different time periods—19th century and the present day Anthony had wanted to apologize to his wife for leaving her alone to get killed by the neighbours, which Kushal does after Mahamaya leaves with Rohit. He finds Soudamini dead and nobody around. Kushal laments that the visions of his previous life is haunting him every day, and slowly taking over the memory of his present life.

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Bodhi, who meanwhile had come to Calcutta to meet Rohit, takes him to Sidhu playing himself to arrange e tumi kemon tumi by kabir suman for Rohit’s performance. Retrieved 2 September He, along with Mahamaya, goes to Kushal’s house in Chandannagar, where they find him completely insane and lost in his visions. Kabir Suman is the music director of the film, while Indradip Dasgupta is the assistant music director. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat This time, his competition is with the best kaviyaalBhola Moira Kharaj Mukherjee.

The story then goes back to the 19th Century, where Anthony impresses the villagers with his musical talent. The kabigaans bring back a long lost era of Bengali music through this film. Mahamaya is now a radio jockey at a popular radio station. Rohit chooses the music course and decides to do a dissertation on the 19th Century folk poet Hensman Anthony Anthony Firingee.


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Kushal meets Mahamaya, and then leaves abruptly. He learns it, reading Hindu scriptures and understanding the meaning of the folk compositions. All the kabigaans of the film is included in the album.

It is hailed as one of the best works of Srijit Mukherji and Prosenjit Chatterjee.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After Anthony returned from Calcutta, victorious against Bhola Moira, he finds his house and his durga idol set on fire by the villagers. Discography Awards and nominations. Films directed by Srijit Mukherji.

E Tumi Kemon Tumi Rupankar mp3 download

But he yearns to learn the Bengali language and compose songs in that language. Views Read Edit View history. The competition heightens and Anthony wins after a tough fight. Rohit suddenly is informed that Kushal is missing. As planned, he leaves for Calcutta on the day of the puja. In those days, kavigaan s were very popular in Calcutta, where two kaviyaal s or folk poets auman face each other with their respective groups and compete with each other through songs and poems. Anthony had been planning to do a Durga-puja all by himself.

He used to compose the songs himself, and on the first occasion met the woman usmanJoggeshwari Ananya Chatterjeewhom he defeats. Since he can just barely utter a few Bengali words and that too in the wrong placesMahamaya throws him a hurdle to cross – if he can write a song with correct Bengali lyrics and sing it without any accent or mistake, she would think of a possible relationship.


Rohit accepts the challenge and goes to Portugal to study colonial history. He saves a young Bengali widow, Soudamini, from performing sati and later marries her. Rohit meanwhile has found a way to sing his latest Bengali composition ksmon front of Mahamaya, whose radio company has decided to organize a tum among bands hailing both from E tumi kemon tumi by kabir suman Bengal and Bangladesh, “Bandemonium”.

Rohit is in Kemin but still very much in love with her. After the performance, Rohit and Mahamaya profess their love for each other backstage. The main focus of the plot revolves around the life and notable works of Anthony Firingee Hensman Kabjra 19th-century Bengali language folk poet of Portuguese origin, along with other supporting characters.

The film was released on 17 January in India and received positive e tumi kemon tumi by kabir suman reviews.

Simultaneously, tjmi the present timeline, Kushal is taken to a psychiatrist, where he is informed that to stop the visions, he must complete a work which he could not possibly do as Anthony.

Rohit promises to take him to Calcutta for treatment, in return he demands the life history of Anthony.