Characters that conform to these definitions can be selected as a default character and used with most any MS Agent program. A visible interactive personality empowers a broader and more human like interaction between users and their computers. Select the Message Type that you would like to change or add messages for. About DesktopMates Character Products: The new user start up page has complete step by step instructions that will explain in further detail what you need and help walk you through the procedures to get up and running.

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Which is accomplished by going to your system’s Control Panel and desktopmates and opening Double Agent. Desktopmates characters are capable of speech, via a text-to-speech engine and can even accept spoken voice commands via speech recognition software. Click the box to download! You can access the Custom Messages window by clicking on the “CyberBuddy” Icon in your task bar system tray to bring up CyberBuddy’s main window then click on the “General” tab at the desktopmates then click “Advanced Options” then click the button marked “Custom Messages”.

This allows desktopmates try out our technologies and make sure things work properly on your system before making any decisions to purchase desktopmayes additional DesktopMates desktopmatds models.

Most character’s were desgined for optimum clarity and viewing at resoulutions of x pixels. Advanced functions and settings are provided in desktopmares programs used to operate the characters, such as CyberBuddy or the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence programs. Go to your system’s Control Dwsktopmates and then locate and open Double Agent. Also E-mail Talker can notify desktopmates about current time in specified time intervals.

eReminder Special with DesktopMates 4.1 Download

This page only provides instructions to assist you in installing the required components and get you successfully up and running.


Making it easier for the non-scripter to be able to enjoy the capabilities of Microsoft Agent. I’m hoping to find scripters who are interested desktopmates writings scripts to have available for copy or download on the WWW for free. A character’s animations and speech are generated by the “Microsoft Agent Desktopmates Components” in conjunction with third party MS Agent applications such as “CyberBuddy” and the “Answerpad” or “Ultra Hal” Desktopmates Intelligence Programs which utilizes the character’s animation software along with the Microsoft Agent core components to make a character function and speak etc.


Deskopmates components provide a foundation that enable desktopmates to incorporate interactive animated characters into their applications allowing for more natural ways for users to communicate with their computers. Windows desktopmates and beyond users will need to overide the default Microsoft Agent components and utilize Double Agent instead. DesktopMates characters are digital software components consisting of complied sets of various animations, but DO NOT operate by themselves as a standalone program.

The type of tasks a character can do as well as the amount of activity as to when and what animations are used and what a character says will mostly depend on the application you are using to operate your character, so be sure to thoroughly read the documentation and help that desktopmates with the application you are using to operate your character in order to get the most out the programs as well as your character.

Secretaries and Assistants Office style characters, ideal for computers and desktops used in the office or work desktopmates. Character Categories Select from desktopmates categories below to view the character galleries. Just go to your character folder C: CyberBuddy has released a version compatible with desktopmates and 64 bit Windows 7 operating systems and beyond.

A few tasks “CyberBuddy” can have your “DesktopMates” do This Microsoft utility contains various components that are part of your windows operating system which are utilized by other programs to provide speech and animation. Each message is on a separate line.


Notify about current time in specified time intervals. The “DesktopMates” character floats independently on your desktop waiting for commands from you that are provided by the program being used to operate the character.

All software and desktopmates in the package are totally free with no trials or timed desktopmates versions. Double Agent basic MS Agent components desktopmattes the folder in which characters are installed and loaded from.

– Free Extras & Add-Ons

So exactly what do I need? Speak current date, time. This is one of the better sounding female MS Agent compliant voices available. Includes everything you need to get up and running. This works with CyberBuddy but some programs may rely on the name that was programmed into the desktopmates software rather than just it’s file name. Desktopmates E-mail Talker you can listen to your emails, web pages, documents, help files or anything else you copy to the clipboard.

Click the “Technical” button to view a schematic and detailed info on how this technology functions, this will provide desktopmates with a general idea on how it works and how all the components tie together. The group desktopmates not state in the description that it is only for Microsoft Agent conversation and this is because getting a group started is very hard and I believe that having it open for both general chat and Msagent may help get things started a little faster and desktopmates get more people interested in Microsoft Agent.