Retrieved September 1, Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created by our users: Add song structure elements. Making an odd comparison to another distinct culture, if Pass Out of Existence was a standard Porsche , this record is a Turbo S. Signed- Vocals of Reason.

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Why do many metal heads hate us? It’s there, don’t doubt it, but it only shows up when it has too, giving us a far cleaner and more brutal sound.

The electronics are almost completely gone or possibly just pushed back so far to avoid the comparison to chimaira army of me metal and the times they are apparent they fit remarkably well.

Songs to check out: PseudoGoatKillSeptember 19th, It does come into the heavy elements pretty soon afterwards, but the song as a whole just feels different thanks to those cleans. They perfected crawling, so they’re now walking with their heads up.

Army Of Me chords & tabs by Chimaira @ Tabs

Rather than the electronics and bass being the overriding sound on the previous album, this album has the guitar work stealing the limelight. Dear, Vocals of Reason; Has it ever occurred to you, that people may hate your music because you still have if of mallcorish roots?


Thanks for correcting Chimaira chimaiga Army Of Me lyrics! What we all knew and loved from Pass Out of Existence – punishing guitars and, especially, brutally deathcrushing drumming – returns to do nothing else than pure killing.

Leave your name in the history! Log In Sign Up. Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created by our users: It’s not technical in a Meshuggah-style sense, but it keeps the music thumping along nicely. Or maybe it’s because this album is a work of pure beauty and musicianship. The chimairq are nearly all stunning.

Army Of Me

Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:. Another thing I don’t like is ‘Implements of Destruction’. In saying that, both albums are better than “Pass Out Of Existence”, yet these two have good and bad points in comparison. But, as Chimaira’s sophomore album, it still falls under Biohazard’s lesson, which means that they were learning how to walk, to be one day able to fly.

But if you like Machine Head, you may dig this – there are lots of riffs off be found on this album, and the mallcorisms are kept to a minimum Modern Guitars Magazine August 21, More topics from this board PorcupineOfDoomOctober 9th, Hai dimenticato la password? The increased speed and aggression of the armg album as a whole not only affects the guitars but the drums and bass as well.


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The chorus is also really memorable and sticks in your head long after listening to the song. Opener “Cleansation” has a spectacular opening riff and became a great live number. The superb production is a big part of what makes this chimaora such an easy listen – Schigel manages to make the sound bombastic, whilst simultaneously not letting any instrument overpower the other.

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The Impossibility of Reason – Wikipedia

In the lot of these songs you play one single chord, and then play riffs around this one chord. Making an odd comparison to another distinct culture, if Pass Out of Existence was a standard Porschethis record is a Turbo S. A highly respectable release and a key contributor to the New Wave of American Heavy metal movement, Chimaira and their album are not to be underestimated.