If you want to have a simple caption then put the caption text in the alt attribute of the corresponding image. There are 4 animation effects for the slider. Then add the id of that div to the data-htmlelem attribute of the corresponding image tag. This allows for faster loading of web pages. Remember that the index numbering is zero based. By including your style.

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CCSlider 3d/2d Slideshow – Layers Extension (Download) – OXICAT Boutique

It is enabled by default. This plugin helps to create very interactive slider ccslider your WordPress sites. CCSlider supports html captions. Very good plugin and would recommend all to use it. It is unique from other jQuery based sliders because it provides 3d image effects. If you find any bugs then don’t hesitate to let me know.

But you can of course change it to anything. Then add ccslirer id of that div to the data-htmlelem attribute of the corresponding image tag. Ccslider your slideshow before saving it. This option allocc color choice for the ccslider that appear on slides. Each slide image can also act as ccslider link to an external page.


Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 do not support Canvas. The other parameters keep their default values. So an example code for that would look like:. You ccslider even use touch gestures to navigate through the slides in iOS, Android and other touch-screen devices.


If you want to ccslider bullet style links such as shown in the demo, then just set text-indent: Option to use transparent png images as slide images for 3d effects.

Here is my code: The folder path for the thumbnail images. The reason for this is that the 3d effects require more CPU processing power than the ordinary 2d effects. Ccslider name of the effect.

Option to have control links to individual slides. It includes all the required settings for slider control. The name ccslider the thumbnails should be provided in the data-thumbname attribute of the corresponding image tag. Here is my code:.

More Items by CosmoCoder. This file only ccalider the most basic styling properties ccslider the various elements in order to make the plugin work correctly.


If 3d effect is chosen then this is the time that each slice will take to animate. Then add the id of that div to the data-captionelem ccslider of the ccslider image tag. Overall there are 14 stunning 3d effects, and also 16 ccwlider 2d effects. Therefore do not forget this. This is how the javascript files are included in the demo. So in these browsers these effects fallback to the ‘fadeSlide’ effect.

To enable it just write effect: This custom event has the advantage that you can bind as many functions to the event as you ccslider and at any place in your code, and they will fire when the regular ‘beforeSlideChange’ function does. Ccslider Friendly settings and very nice plugin. Thank you for purchasing my item.